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March 13, 2011


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Oh my goodness, Eleanor! That is just beyond stunning. I love it so much.


I just loved Heidi, and Little Women, and of course Little House in the Big Wods...ah memories.
Have a great day,


Love this project Eleanor. My all time book love from my childhood is Little Princess.


Wow Eleanor - this is a fantastic project - I love the idea of stitching over the text. When I was little it was the Beatrix Potter books or Enid Blyton - I have very fond memories of The Enchanted Woods and The Faraway Tree.

Carolyn Phillips

That is gorgeous.


wow I love that!! Its so beautiful! I would never think to do somethign liek that!!

My fave book as a child was Violet Pickles and the Ivy Cottage! It was the first book I ever managed to read completely on my own to my dad :-D


Such a thoughtful piece...I've never seen this done before. I don't know if you've got 'The Works' in Scotland (or anywhere near your lovely mountains) but they sell printer-friendly canvas sheets. They are a bit stiffer than normal canvas but I used them loads on the SIMPLE THINGS fabric book last year. Cheap as chips too.
Big hug,
Mandy x

Lynne V

Wonderful, I loved the Old Curiosity Shop and have the copy my Gran read to me.
You've inspired me to stitch it like you have.
Thanks so much for the inspiration Eleanor.


Another original idea from Eleanor. All that clean Highland air is nurturing your creative spirit! Truly beautiful,Eleanor.


Eleanor, your talent and originality are breath-taking, as is your determination to keep looking for something and not give up! I really must try this printing onto artists' canvas ...


Just totally WOW! I love your embroidery projects and this one is one of my faves.


I loved What Katy Did and also the Swallows and Amazons and anything Enid Blyton. Love what you've done to Heidi.


I love this Eleanor. What a kovely gift it would make for a book lover.

Debbie Roberts

Wow, this is so creative! I will be scouring charity shops for the wishing chair, there are so many books I loved as a child.

Wonderful wonderful idea. x


Simply WOW xx


Wow this is so beautiful! Love it!

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