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October 31, 2010


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Debbie Roberts

Lovely idea, think I will be making a few of these.


Stepping back in time, with small children, how useful one of these would have been, to jot down who had received what and from whom, so that thank you letters were not quite so much of a chore.
These would be lovely wedding guest mementoes too.


Cute and you could go really over the top if you had more time :)


Fabulous idea, I think I'll be making some of those!

body detox

n my children were little, I had an inner rule for myself about devising activities and games to do or play. As long as it took them longer to do than it took me to prepare and help clear up, that was fine. If it didnt, then it didnt happen. I feel the same about prep

Janet Taylor

I like the idea of these will "borrow" thanks for sharing

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