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January 03, 2010


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What a fabulous tutorial Eleanor! I was captivated!

Sue L

Help please. I can`t view the video and have everything cut out and ready to go but need to watch agin to see how to assemble.


Hi Sue L
Not sure how I can help you, but you could try going to view the video where it is hosted -

or it is available to view on my blog -

I hope you manage to make it, and if you do, please do let us see your finished cube.


It seems to be back again, fingers crossed.

joy aitman

Wow, wow, wow! Fab project and excellent tutorial. I want to make one now!

Sue L

Thanks for the help Eleanor.
I got everything sorted and have made 3 cubes today.
I just love them.
Will take a piccy soon. Thanks again for the great tutorial.


Wonderful work! So inspiring to look at! Must think about doing something continuous for 2010 ...


this looks great - I am going to try this today! thank you


A great project and so easy...
I just need to choose the photo's now.
Thank you for sharing


wow that is just so good. i want to make one straight away.
your tutorial video is brill, esp as you say it is your first!


Love your tutorial. Really great for a first attempt. Well done!


great work!!!!!!!

Ptsitsi Heraty

The dream-come-true video!!!! I have been looking for instructions for this pop-up cube for too long. I found wonderful web-sites offering the card (I figured I could take apart the promotional thing and figure it out) and discovered that at $75+ that was going to be an option I would pass on and stick with waiting and searching.
Your tutorial was easy to follow and produced the desired result. Your posted pdfs a gift!!!!!!!! Thank you so very much for a fantastic (even more so because it's your first!!!) video. WONDERFUL AND THE PROJECT IS TIMELESS AND THE TARGET AUDIENCE CAN BE OF ANY AGE. Simply brilliant.

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