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December 07, 2008


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Thanks for the link Caz. :D I've still got all my prompts for the A-Z and WILL do it. Love the look of this too. Thanks to IACW. x



I've been doing your wonderful A-Z project this year and was wondering what to do when it came to an end.......and now I have the answer!!

Thanks for all your hard work on these projects....they are much appreciated!




This loks fab - we move into our first house in January so am thinking that might be my theme - how my new home if filled with love and stuff! To go with all the photos of it that I have taken while it has been being built.


This looks fab! I already do a monthly garden album each year, but a monthly DLO of family happenings would be great!


have never done anything like this before but it sounds great, really looking forward to joining in and think i will do it as a review of the year sort of thing

Sarah C

What a great idea and one I might just join in with. I think I'll use it for journalling the months to give me a review of the year too.


This is a great project and I am so in!!!!

 yorkshire tea jenny

really like the sound of this!


This looks like a great idea. The years pass so quickly. I will certainly be joining in


Fab idea! I always do an album for each year as it is..i call them yearbooks, but they always end up running into the next year..and the next until i have 4 yrs and 4 albums on the go! This is just the sort of challenge i need!


Loved the A-Z Journal, I finished with 3 days to spare, this sounds great, just gotta think what to do it on.


Great idea, please count me in. It will be my first yearly project. Oh dear it smacks of committment. (LOL)


Ooooh I'm in! First prompt tomorrow?

Sue x


Fab! Ive got so much i want to do now!..Im gonna be busy!!

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