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November 01, 2007


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Lesley Collins

can i just say how much this 'competition' has effected me!!!!! I'm probably one of the lucky ones, not to have any family members or friends effected by this dreadful disease, but reading stories on here has really brought a lump to my throat! The way you are all soooo brave! This has truely been an eye opener for me, and I'm so lucky to have been a part of it!This site is now a regular haunt of mine, as it is truel inspirational!Love to everyone out there-keep strong, and try and stay happy :-)


Well done girls I really hope you manage to double your target ladies.Thanks for the oppertunity of getting me me to do another page of my book of me, which is always impossible without a challengeBless you alllove Cassie


I have loved all the LO's this month and think all those who have shared their real stories are so brave to do so. Thank you.btw the beautiful flowers by kate are coming up with an invalid link - just me of a hitch?


You girls are fantastic, well done for raising all that money.


What inspiring stories of people inflicted with a shattering disease. Hope you carry on raising lots of money!


Unfortunately I have many family members who have (and are still) suffering from the effects of Cancer. My mum has Myeloma and I am blessed everyday that she is with us a I thought 2.5 yrs ago that she wasn't going to leave the hospital. Thank you so much for this great site and for the fun way in which you have brought about the awareness of breast cancer. One of my close friends has been diagnosed with breast cancer which was dedected through a recent mamogram... so thank you again ladies for your efforts, your smiles and your tears xxx

Sharon Peters

Well done - this site is a complete inspiration! Can I say I am going to a crop at the end of the month and they have agreed I may sell some of my old mags there so any money we make I will forward to this worthy cause. Can you tell me the link for making donations.Keep up the good work!Sharon Peters


It is so amazing to read about peoples lives and how much people are doing to help lessen this dreadful disease. Congratulation to the winners - well deserved!Keep up the good work girls....Katie Squirrel xx


Congratulations Ladies... all layouts were fantastic!


Girls - what you have achieved over the last month is amazing. You have raised so much money and almost as importantly, so much awareness. Thank you so much and you should all be so proud of what you have done xxx


well done to all the winnersi have to agree this challenge really made me think. my mum lives with breast cancer as they believe that her other physical problems will get her before the breast cancer does she never mentions it really accept as an add on to a list of ills including most recently angina, she is more brave than I would be and i was glad to join in to celebrate all the women affected by the illness.


Congratulations on metting your target and getting us all involved :)


I'm so shocked and chuffed to be named a winner, thank you so much! And congratulations to the other winners too.Also, more importantly, thank you for the inspiration and for raising awareness of breast cancer in this way. Anything that helps fight this awful disease is a favour to all women, so keep up the good work. :)Natalie x


Well done girls.. all the LOs are fab.The site is a great site I am forever having a lookCaroline x


Reading all the dedications today was really moving. I never met my maternal grandmother as she died from this horrible disease when my mum was only 15. It's great ideas like this that keep the research going, and one day they will find a cure and all our LOs will be 'celebrating Jane' rather than 'remembering Jane'. Looking forward to that time.Siobhanxx


what a fantastic LO celebrating false boobies.My husband's mother has beaten breast cancer twice, and it is him that reminds me to check myself... Big praise to you girls for bringing breast awareness into the scrapping world.And for bringing a smile to my face everytime I log onto UKS and see another pair of boobies going across the home page...LOL!!!X

Paula - Buenos Aires

Great work ladies! Inspirational and eye opening.


Once again well done for raising that money it is wonderful, I have enjoyed looking at the blog this month and it will have to carry on as it has been a part of my daily routine and great one at that. Big well done to all the ladies that did there boob layouts they were all great. Take care Ladies look forward to seeing what else you have up your sleeves for us to get stuck into. :~) xx


Well done to all the winners and to all you ladies who made all of this possible with your determination to raise the funds for this totally worthwhile cause. We all could be affected by this terrible disease at any time and I for one am grateful for treatments, that close friends have had available to them through donations such as these. Amazing work girls xxx


Congrats to the winners. These layout have been super inspirational. Cancer runs in my family. And it's a scary thought. Thanks for all your efforts. Oh and thanks for the freebie.

Julie Jewels

What a wonderful blog you have here! Kate just led me here and I'm totally inspired!


What an inspiring blog! Thanks for the gift, Kate!


This is a cool blog that i just discovered through Kate Hadfield. Bookmarking it!


Thank you for such an inspiring read! And thanks, Kate, for the goodies!


Thanks so muchvery prettyFilly

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