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October 01, 2007


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Storm's House

GIRLS !!! what can I say!!! What a wondeful way to encourage women to be aware. I LOVE each and every one of the layouts and cards etc. Having lost both DM and DMIL to breast cancer, this is a cause very close to my heart Thank youValj xxx


I'll give all the LO's a tits whoops meant thumbs up :D No seriously I can only echo what Valj said what a wonderful way to promote awareness. ((hugs)) to all who have been sadly lost a loved one to breast cancer xxxBrods


Excellent cause and fabulous creations! Might just have ago myself.


Lovely to see everyone's work all together for such a fantastic cause :) Looking forward to seeing what everyone else comes up with!!!


loving all of these pages, think this is very important xxxxx


Blimmin' fantastic - way to go girlies!!


What inspiring work and such a great cause to support! I'll have to have a go at scrapping my boobs :)


This is just so great girls.What a team you are.


wow girls these are amazing!!!


Well I hae to applaud your wok girls. It's fantastic.

Julia Short

Well I have to applaud you girls your work is fantastic.


Great work girls, love all the different ideas, fab cause too xx


bloody marvellous girlies- nice knockers too! LOL! Mrs Seymour I am shocked at you young lady! mwahaha!Serious stuff-I, like most others, find breastcancer a subject that is a little too close for comfort. This site is great if you want to help in the research They have my blood! It is a 50 year study, and hopefully it will help a lot.Also- lloyds pharmacy have a gel glove for self examination to make your fingers more sensitive at a bargain fiver. Well worth it :)And my boobages will indeed be appearing on a page very soon!Bravo gals :)


Fabulous LO's, cards, tags and journals ladies brilliat way to celebrate the Boobies :O)


Fantastic cause & fabby creativeness:)


Fantastic girls what a terrific challenge and all for the best possible cause as well. I have spread the word and popped your link on my blog, as I am sure that some of my readers will join in too!I am going to have a go at this as well, now where did I put that wide lens ;)


I've had a go and put a link on my blog. I've also mentioned it on the forums i'm a member on and it's been a very popular topic! and will hopefully get more people scrapping their boobs.


My youngest DD's best friends mother is going through chemo ATM and another friend of mine has just been diagnosed, so I shall certainly be doing a LO. do you mind if I pass this onto some other friends?


Absolutely loved this challenge and have emailed you my layout. My mum is the subject of my layout as she suffered from breast cancer in 1987. She is one of the lucky ones who has survived and 20 years later has just been blessed with her first grandchild, a grandchild which she never thought she would see. Thank youKat xx


Hello I just want to say what a great way to rasie money and awareness.I have e-mailed my all you ladies who have done los well do you rocklove cassie7 uks


Hello ladies what a great way to raise money and awareness about our boobs.I have emailed my logreat los out there ladies well doneto all of youLove Cassie7 uks

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