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June 09, 2007


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wooo what an amazing site have added to my favourites :Dbest wishes Katy


Lovely project, M - will definitely be having a go at this!


Just found this site via UKS. What super ideas, keep up the good work. Now how do I cram so many projects into soooooo little spare time?(LOL) Toni :o)


Great stuff - you girls are awsome


There is always something new and exciting to read - great work


I love that cube, it looks like a huge lump of wood but maybe thats just the way it's photographed, I definetly want to try it out though.


I've wanted to make one of these for ages, thanks for giving me the 'kick' to do it! Great blog.xx


Good idea! i am loving all the creative ideas here!


WOW what a brill way to use up waste wood....lolthis will be a great one for the kids as well. Keep up the good work, cant wait to see what little gems of inspiration you come up with next :)Jan


Another fabbie project M, and what great photos of your girlies. Love the site all round, keep it up.


another fab idea girlies...keep them coming


Yet again, another fantastic idea. This site is amazing! Thank you ladies.Faith x


Great idea - will defo give this a go !


Some great ideas here. Definitely be checking back regularly :)


Fab idea! What a great site. Thank you all - you're a great inspiration. :-)

Alexandra McNicol

Oh wow - that block is lovely!


Another super idea - keep up the good work girls, its a great blog.


wow, maria, its gorgeous xxx


Fab idea! May have to try that sometime!


Ooo, what a fab cube Maria. Really like it, and the Jenni Bowlin stuff you used. Great work ladies :)

Jacqui E

I love the site, the projects have been fab. I just need to find more time...any suggestions?


Wow, who'd have thought you could make something so fabby with a block of wood! Brilliant project and I love those JB diecut papers too! :D


cube idea is great - I have "appropriated" a few from the kids toy boxes so I can have a go!


this is FABULOUS, Maria :0)


what a great idea.. very different and good for blokes...probably me being thick, but how do you know who is making the posts?!?!katie squirrel

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