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June 24, 2007


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Wow! Some fabulous rooms there. I am lucky enough in my new house to have the loft room all to myself for scrapping. It's duck egg blue, parchment and chocolate colour scheme and is still in the making as it were, but coming along nicely. Would show you a pic but it is such a mess at the moment it would be very embarrasing!Thanks for the inspiration.


I just love the pink and green room - gorgeous! :)


What fantastic rooms ! Mine is a little more mix and match ! Great to see where other people scrap :)


I want as much cardstock as Shaunte has.. Great rooms


Beautiful beautiful rooms! I'm lucky enough to have my own, but I'll be swapping rooms with my son soon, THEN I'll get the pictures up!


I have a dining table and lots of boxes - everywhere. Does that count?Thanks for another great article.

Kel x

My Craft BazaarMine is more humble, more crowded, but I am pretty pleased with it. It needs a lot of work yet, especially on the paper side, currently all jumbled together in Cropper Hopper boxes. Happily I have time coming up to do it. Woohoo!Leigh11 - I am in the box room too and one of those tabletops from IKEA fits across the end of the room with a little space left over. You can get the legs to be at whatever height works best for you or even tipped for an artist's board kind of vibe.Thank you so much for the peeks into your inspiring spaces, everyone. Gorgeous!


Oh WOW! Makes my little corner of the room look positively stashorexic! Surely they must spend half their time finding things they'd completely forgotten they had and never get anything done?! *Sigh* there speaks my jealousy!


I don't have my own Scraproom but it's lovely to see other peoples' rooms and just have a dream.I loved them all but Connies in particular, apart from the gorgeous surroundings and decor, It would be fabulous to work in there for a Cyber Crop, all that Scrapping space! You could move along and work in an uncluttered space with each new Class project or Challenge.


ooooh these scraprooms are amazing!!! I have to make do with my diningroomtable I'm afraid, although I'm seriosly thinking about doing my spare room up, it would be so nice not to have to put everything away when you get visitors or have to have dinner ;-)


Those rooms are fab! I adore the pink and green one, only problem is I am such a messy scrapper if I had a gorge room like that I wouldn't be able to actually do anything in there for fear of messing it up!


Wow - what fantastic rooms.I am now counting down to when my son's leave home so that I can convert their bedroom - seeing as they are only 13 & 14 I've got a few years to go! LOL


I am not jealous lol I AMMMM really wow wow wow anyone is lucky to have their own rooms i have the kitchen table and have to clear away everytime we eat lol i do have 3 drawer trolley things with all my stuff in which is in a corner of the kitchen Love the pink and lime room its fab


OMG those rooms are to die for! Not sure which is my desk area in the lounge looks really pathetic!Thanks for sharing :)Sallyxxx


B&Q have peg board sets on sale for a tenner at the mo incase anyone wants to go down that route!I so need that shed!


I have a room just for scrapbooking in, but i must say, it doesnt look like that at all!!!I can dream eh?


I have the spare box bedroom for scrapping and the old dining room table as a work station. Most of my 'bellies are in over-the-door hangers from Lakeland but I am desperate for something other than old book cases for bigger storage. I actually have the wire cube units but they are put together to make small sections for my albums - never thought of using them like in Tammy's room. Brilliant, that idea is going to save me a fortune at Ikea when I get round to re-organising.


Wow, that scrap shed is awesome, I think I'd install a bed as well lol!I've just realised I won the Scrapagogo kit for leaving a comment the other week so I must say thank you. I am so excited, you've made my day! Thank you girls, I love you all! :)


I am so lucky-we had a conservatory built last year and i claimed it for my scrap room-never as neat as those gorgeous rooms, but at least we can eat at our dining room table now:)Love all the inspiration on your site, girls!!!!!Dawnx

Nicky Richards

I love looking at other people's scraprooms!!! I am very lucky that my hubby has now converted our attic into my special scrapspace and if I could, I would spend all day every day up here! Would love to have a sink up here though-fab idea! Love this blog-will put it in my faves!!!


oh wow i am soooo jealous of those lovely scraprooms would love the scrap shed in pink and lime green


Those rooms are amazing :( Put my little cupboard room to shame.But then its my cupboard and I can escape and shut the door hiding from the rest of the world :)

beck  uks

oh wow i am sooo jealous of theser scraproom would love a scrap shed in pink and lime green


I have a scrap room/office but wish is was as big and tidy as the one's showed. Maybe when I win the lottery.....Jo


I have my own scraproom/office but it's not as large or as organised as the one's show. Maybe when I win the lottery....Jo

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