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June 24, 2007


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I am so totally jealous of these scrap rooms! Wish I could have a room dedicated entirely to my hobby. Maybe one day when I win the lottery...


Wow! these are just amazing! deffo puts my little corner of the dinig room to shame lol!

I Made This

Wow!!! Those craft areas are amazing...I have all my stuff crammed into a space about 5x5 foot!


thanks for a great site - love the rooms - partic like the one with foam stamps in jars - think I need a trip to IKEA lol


Oh my goodness....what amazing places...are they for real????? I love them all, but I think it has to be the lime and pink one for me...puts my kitchen table to shame, really it does.....wonder if I could convert the broom cupboard??Loving it!


I am speechless!!! They are all soooooo cool. I cannot pick a fav but i would love a scrap shed, how cool would that be.x


Well, Connie's looks exactly like mine.....well, what i MEAN is that i've got cans of diet coke everywhere but that's where the similarities end sadly!


Hello I always love looking at other peoples craft rooms. You are all so very lucky to have your own space, I would just like to say dont worry if you dont have a room I dont have a room as such but the corner of my bedroom and we have little spare money but I have managed to use lots of recycled things for my scrap space. you can check out a site called which encourages poeple to recycle things they no longer need instead of them going to landfill sites you to could have a fabby scrap space for free


Wow, all those rooms look amazing! Everything is so tidy...whereas I can usually barely see my desk!! Great topic girls, thank you :)Sx


christmas Santa?!


It's not funny!!! I've got to work at my PC desk from a plastic tub, cry for me :(These kinds of spaces I can only wonder at in amazement and scowl at with extreme jealousy!! lol,xx Leo


What gorgeous rooms!I've just been lucky enough to get my own little corner of our house for all my crafty stuff. It's great having one dedicated spot and has already had an impact on how much I do. Especially as the computer isn't there.I'm not even attempting to keep it tidy though, as my boyfriend says "you do crafts dear, which are inherently messy things to do." So long as I can keep the mess from spreading to the rest of the house I'll be happy.


oh my dear!!!!!! those rooms are DREAMY!! and they are all people who got some money, eh?! hehehe! too darling!! i have my own happy space but i dont think mine is nearly as lovely as the ones you displayed! is my link only now, we have added a playpen for dear lil isabella

Heavenly Scrapbooks

AAAGH! I have a space and I thought I was doing very well with it until I saw these GORGEOUS rooms. Now I feel like Cinderella! I need a new room (AGAIN!)


I am in complete awe of that last one. I want.... big time!

melissa c

Thanks so much for show casing my room!! Melissa Caligiuri mccaligiuri, password:lulubelle)


I always like to get ideas about how to make my scrapspace better. thanks so much for sharing

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