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June 24, 2007


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Ali M

There is no way i can post pics of my scrapping space...but hopfully we will sell our house soon and move to a 4 bedroomed we have seen...and theres only me ,DH & DD!!Plenty of scope for a playroom for me & a play room for Abi!!!!Ali M


Wow! These rooms are so inspiring!We recently moved into a house that needs some, um.. 'TLC' but as I've taken up scrapping (in the dining room) since the move, not a lot has got done!This really gives me the incentive to combine the two projects and nab the spare room (currently filled with many paint cans and tools)before the boys get it for something like tv and games!I'm going to take the ideas I like from each of the rooms highlighted and get designing..perhaps I'll scrap the progress :)


Wow I want a room of my own too!Currently I'm working off both the dining table & the conservatory.I so love that shed. I've been badgering my hubby for weeks to get a summer house in the garden so I can scap in there.


Wow! Not only organised and neat- my table I use is a mess as is where I store my craft stuff upstairs- but to have all that stash to look at and stroke lol


Wow these rooms are fantastic....and to have your own scrapshed, that's sheer bliss. I scrap in the box room (and have too much stash to fit in)Great site, I'm going to have a go at knitting a bag!


Oh what brilliant scrapbooking rooms! Love the colours and the organisation of them.Am so jealous as though I have my own scrapbooking room it looks nothing as inspiring and organsied as these!


Wow what some great scrapbooking rooms! Love the colours used and the organisation of them.Though I am lucky enough to have my own scrapbooking room it looks nothing like these! What would my teacher say if I was at school "Must try harder"!!!! LOL


I so wish I had a craft room. I only have a corner with an old TV cabinet and that ends up with all sorts of random household junk taking over.They are beautiful rooms and have given me inspiration for the day I finally have a craft room


Love the cabin -shed doesn't do it justice does it lol and the green and pink one. Thanks for the link as didn't know about this blog/site.thanks julie x


wow what lovely scraprooms. im one of the unlucky ones and have a little coffee table to use. and my stash is put where ever there is a space in the flat, so very disorganised. plus im on a constant rampage to stop my 1yr old getting to my stuff lol. one day i hope to move to a bigger place so my 3 kids can each have a room of there own, my partner can have a computer room which can be locked so kids cant get in to it and then a craft room also lockable. well there you go thats my wish lol. from boland:)


Ohhhhh! lovely.Here's mine:


Well I have the kitchen table, luckily I live on my own and haven't used the table for about 6 months! Storage is a bit more problematic though and I wish I had a proper scrap room.


How fantastic are these rooms - and so organised. I would love to spend a day in any of them! Thanks for sharing!


Wow, look at those rooms!Would love my own scrapping room, but have to share with my other half. At least I've recently organised my little space, but I would love to colour coordinate the storage like the green and pink one!Loving the blog x


Wow they are fantastic. I have a scraproom so should consider myself lucky which I do but I would LOVE to have one of their scraprooms. They look so tidy and contain so many products, pure heaven


I think the £25 prize would really help towards the cost of an ickle cabin all for me !!!! NOT !! :)Fab ideas in there tho for storage !


omg they're all amazing and so organised... my bed rm doubles as my craft rm at the moment and that isnt gonna change any time soon


Wow! These rooms are all fab! I want a shed on my garden now!


I'm not jealous, I'm not jealous - oh yes I am. Given me loads of ideas for when I re-organise my scraproom.ThanksJanet


Wow, I am so jealous.I have a converted celler as my craft room but I so want that shed! its looks fab. Might make a note of the storage ideas for the future

Ali TS

So many good ideas, and so much more enviable than my small chest of drawers, bit of the wardrobe and the bedroom floor! I can only dream, but I trust that they do get to look more lived in when you are scrapping and not quite so pristine when you're in full flow!Thanks for sharing, lots of food for thought.


Wow, what fantastic scraprooms and all so neat an tidy. Wish I could keep mine tidy.


fantastic you lucky people to have such loverly spaces to craft and arnt you all so tidy.i wish

Kathy Young

These rooms are all stunning, so clean,tidy and calm. I do have my own little space in the attic, but it's so cluttered and untidy that I'm glad it has a door... Still I feel lucky to at least have that. Thank you for showing us a little bit of your world.


I am one of the lucky ones ... I converetd a shed in the garden into a craft room, but it is nowhere near as fab as the one here !Mitchy

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