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June 24, 2007


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Alexandra McNicol

Oh my god, how jealous am i??I have my own little space in our hallway under the stairs - but dont have enough room for storage - plus have to hide my things away from grubby little hands!!I think I need to persuade my husband i need a shed!


Oh I want a shed but love the pink and lime green colour scheme. Another great post with great ideas. Thank you.


Wow, what wonderful scrap rooms. Looks around my messy room in embrassment. I had better clear up a bit....


I'm with you there on the jealous feelings Alexandra!! I love the shed! I also adore the green and pink co-ordination in the one room.The area in which I store my scrapbook stuff is a bookshelf in our dining room area (but I do get the whole bookshelf to myself!) and I get to use the edge of the computer desk to work on - not even 12x12 - think I might have to downsize my pages to fit LOLSueCUKS


What fabulous scrap rooms. I am so embrassed at my messy disorganised room. Now where did I bury my trimmer...


These rooms are amazing! I think I need to re-organise my little room.Great post.....yet again!Faith x


Oh wow i love the shed, and the shelving used in all the room really is fantastic..I just got my own scrapping furniture for my birthday, so no more dining table for me:D lol, maybe for christmas i'll wish for a shed.


As my craft room doubles up as my eldest son's bedroom and he is currently home from Uni and hogging in the room, any space would be great! Seriously though, these are all really lovely, especially the pink and green one, maybe one day when he moves out for good!!!!!!!

Helen Miles

oh my word! LOVE the pink and lime one, i just love the combo... and a whole scrap house! so completely jealous on everyone's rooms here! you all must have worked long and hard to get them looking so incredibly good... nice one!


Really enjoying your blog, so many different articles. Im lucky enough to have my own craft room. Its an uncoordinated jumble of mess but its my space!


Some lovely, lovely FULL scraprooms there - makes my corner of the dining table with my Robox nearby look a bit cramped LOL!


Wow I love that shed. I want one!!! The others are gorgeous too. I could do with some of those storage ideas.

jan b

Wow.Wow. Wow the pink and lime green is just fabulous, my daughter and I have to be content with sharing the dining room, but hey, we manage. We have our own little palace of creativity. Who am i kidding? A craft shed would be heaven! All that storage and "tidyness!!"


These are all amazing, so clean looking too - makes me realise how much rubbish I'm hanging on to. It's also about clearing up after you isn't it, putting things back away. Not my strong suit. Thanks for sharing these rooms.Exx


Oh wow, what gorgeous rooms these all are, I would love to be so organised. I am lucky enough to have a scrap room but it is more like a bomb site!! lol


I'm lucky enough to have my own room!! It used to be my son's when he was small, but now he has the 'spare' room!It is only the box room, so unfortunately I don't have the space for a proper table (currently using a fold up picnic table!), but I'm trying to be organized, but since I keep adding to it, it never stays tidy for long :) I tend to just bring everything I need downstairs, where it stays til I can be bothered to take it back upstairs :)I'd love a shed, but since I don't like being in the garden late at night when DH is at work, and that is when I do most of my scrapping, it wouldn't get much use-but never say never :)Fab site, have added it to my faves-lots of wonderful inspiration, well done.


I'd love the shed too, but our garden is far too small and dh already put an option for model train on any "shed for hobby" dream. Well I think I'll have to wait until our extension is built. I love the idea of the little steps for embossing powder, which would be good for stamps too. Thanks for showing us these georgous rooms. Definetly inspiring for both the decoration and the organisation point of view.

Lis Lambertsen

Oh I'm sooo jealous. I want a shed!!!


lol, I feel very bitter and hard done by now. Between them, my two boys have three rooms, my husband has a study. What do I have? The use of the small worksurface over the washer and dryer in the utility room. I feel the wind of change about to blow icily over this house!


I was really loving Melissa's pink and green room, and then I saw the shed! A little scrapping home of her own! You could just stay there all the time and never go in the house!! I bet she pretends to have her own tv show!!


oh wow!How fabulous are they!?! I have an inability to keep my craft room tidy... put it down to being creative lol!!! :) The site is brilliant girls, enjoy visiting it everyday.Angela


Sooooooo, jealous, i dream of having a gorgeous creative space, maybe one day when DS flies the nest, then again he's only 11 and i didn't leave home until i was 26!


OMG... nobody actually works in those rooms!Do they.....? They're just too perfect!I have a room , but boy is it messy. No matter it's mine!jk x


Fabulous scraprooms! :)


i am so so so jealous, i have a corner of the dining room. i dream of having my own scrapping room, maybe one day lol

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