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June 17, 2007


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Fantastic, Cath - that works a treat! Thank you for putting those together :)


Wow, thats a brilliant idea :) Thanks for this :)


great resource!!!!xxxj


Thanks soo mcuh for doing that - what a massive job & so helpful to have. I can never match the right bazzill!!!


Thanks soo mcuh for doing that - what a massive job & so helpful to have. I can never match the right bazzill!!!


Fab idea - thanks a million xx


Wow, thanks for your fantastic work Cath, that guide is going to be indespensible.Mandyxx


A labour of love if ever I saw one - thank you SO much for sharing!


Cath you clever girl! It must have taken you ages & ages to search & sort out! Thank you very much!!Elinxx


This is going to be soooooo useful! Thanks for sharing it :)


Awesome Cath, thanks for all your hard work!

Beaux Parke Kid

Thank you - very helpful and I am sure I will use it lots!

Beaux Parke Kid

Thank you - very helpful. I am sure I will be using this a lotThank you

Weaselwise (UKS)

"Thats 'andy Harry..." !!!Will this be updated on a regular basis for all the scrummy new papers coming out? Mind you, there's quite enough there to keep me going for ages as it is! Thanks for your detective work on this, its much appreciated.


Thank you so much for this - it'll be my bible for online ordering! It must have taken ages!


wow, thanks for that ... that must have taken ages to collate!! I'd seen it on some SB forum but never THAT long!!! FAB!!!


That's great! Thanks very much :)


What a fab fab list there... very useful! Many thanks x


Wow this is going to be so helpful! A really good resource for us scrapbookers.


Thanks ever so much for the Bazzil list , its really really appreciated. Anita xx


what a fantastic idea very lovely of you to share

lkl_fawcett UKS

Wow, Wow, and double Wow, such a helpful 16 pages of fantastic info for Scrappers on the go!Awesome!


thanks - just what I needed. its great of you to share this with us xx


What an inspirational blog, very colourful and full of ideas. Wow Cath that list is amazing, must have taken you quite awhile to put together.Thanks


This is something i've been looking for for ages so you have just made my day! Thank you so much :)Louise x

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