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December 08, 2008


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Love your angel tree. Looks like you may have a bit of work on your hands with all those decorations in their boxes.


Oh wow - I LOVE your angel tree!! What a great idea!

You're so organised with your storage boxes. I wish I was like that! :)



That is where my boxes of decorations are as well and where they are to stay...there will be no big tree this year...only a small table top...too much going on!

Photographing Mom

Beautiful Di!! I'm hoping our tree will be up next weekend, too. First we have to go hunt it down.


All of your Angels look gorgeous. Great idea having a tree for them...now I know where they all hang out. :o)

Good Luck with the big tree. xx

chris t

Great take on today's word & love the angels & tree :)

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