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November 01, 2008


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Sue Nicholson

What a great post!! And love that you have posted more than one too :-)

Really interesting about your Mum and also thast photo of you of a baby is classic. Great holiday shots and super one of you and Caz too :-)

OK Different to your scam but Ian & I fell for one whilst on holiday :-( It happens to many at sometime or other, not everyone will admit it. These days it's so very easy to make it appear authentic and of course it doesn't matter that we know it's probably a scam, human nature just wants us to "check it out" in case it isn't. That's my take anyway :-)

Have a lovely weekend. I will post much later on as have a slight hangover ;-D Good night tho' !!!!

Sue :-)

PS I have a slideshow of some, not all my sps shots . . . may help "inspire plus did you ever try the yearbook thing I posted a couple of weeks ago on my typepad . . . what super sps they'd make!!! I'll put that up on my blog too . . . hopefully soon :-)


So glad you enjoyed the prompt today, I wanted to make it a little different :o)

Lovely lovely shots Di x


I love all your pics today, Di! The school photo of your mum's class is just fab!

Oh, and the photo of you ...... wonderful!! I wonder if our children will look back and be gobsmacked at the clothes we dressed them in!

Glad you didn't get completely sucked in by that scam. They always seem so plausible.

Love the glam shot of you and Caz! Lovely!


wild roze

Awesome stuff ! Has inspired me to dig in the old photo box and check out all the styles of yesteryear.


Great pics! All of them!


Fabby pics, all of them. I love the one of your Mum, old black and white pics always do it for me.

I have a friend who always replies to the scam emails with some sort of funny and ludicrous suggestions.


What a fab lot of photos today. And, wow, I bet you had fun spending all that money you didn't get!!

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