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November 12, 2008


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Love your shot, Di!
I love playing Spider on the computer. That's the only game I play on it, though.

My DH loves playing Monopoly, but only if he wins!! Lolol

I'm seeing my dentist for a course of treatment at the moment too .... also the price to be paid for the dreaded school dentist. :( I'm 100% certain they gave completely unnecessary fillings etc. Grrrrrrrr.

Have a fab day!



We love monopoly......


Great game shots. I remember the dreaded school denetist well, mine had straps on the arms of his chair...not kidding!!!
I now have a lovely dentist although she does not have faries on her ceiling :)


You NEVER play games on your computer? Wow!! Sheepishly admitting my addiction to Scrabble and Wordpaths...

So glad to hear about the good dentist trip!


Share your fear of the dentist Di, glad you have found someone you can see with confidence. Mine lets me swear at him and call him a sadist and we get on just fine!

chris t

Love computer card games too. like the idea of the fairy ceiling!


I've got an award for you on my blog, Di. Go there to pick it up!


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