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October 31, 2008


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What a lovely place!


I love your garden, Di! I agree - the hanging baskets look lovely!

Hope you have a good weekend.



Your garden looks gorgeous and I am really enjoying your holiday pictures. x


You have to hear my story then! I was convinved that my Grandparents were moving house on Wednesday so I came into work on Tuesday and my manager looked at me like I was nuts - she checked the planner I'd asked for Tuesday and Wednesday off - I was sure that I'd asked for Weds and Thurs and that the planner was wrong - so I called my Mum to find out when they were moving.

They were moving Tuesday and I'd just got ready for work and drove to work when I was supposed to be in scruffs to help my Grandparents move!!! EEk!

I was the butt of the joke again!!! Everyone laughed and it was good to see everyone smiling even at my expense hehe.


What a lot of lovely photos for today.


These are really lovely. Well done.


Great set of shots for passage. Hope you manage to find your lost day :)


hi great photos anhd what a lovely garden!!! xxx


Great passage shots. Your garden looks gorgeous :)


Lovely, lovely passages! Your garden is beautiful.


I love the stone path...where does it lead to?

chris t

Mmm nice garden, love the little "passages" The ones from Brighton are great too

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