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July 09, 2008


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wild roze

Is it some kind of American patch work you're up to, my friend?
Can't wait for more on this one and the Christmas one.
Love u

sue nicholson

Hi Di :-)

Love the sewing machine ring . . . very clever take on the prompt.

Yeh, I blog for myself BUT doubt whether I would keep it up if no-one ever visited me, so that's a contradiction! The HS:MS prompt is a motivation for me, a little bit of me time, something to make me think and take photos of the weirdest things :-D

Great to be able to chat when we are so far away too. And also chat to people we would never get to meet in the conventional way, (not just due to miles but all sorts of reasons).

Now off on the school run.

Byeeee . . . Sue

sue nicholson

I've biten the bullet and put up a prompt on HS:MS!!!

Well, I need one to motivate me :-D



Great photo, beautiful nails and rings!
Have only been a blogger for a week - but love it!


Great hand photo. Amazing bling too!

sue nicholson

Oh, you have such lovely hands Di :-)

I have taken to using hand cream every evening before I retire, (LOL sounds posh, you know I mean go to bed :-)

Great bling too :-)



I think we are on the same wave length this week! I blog about my machine this week too! lol too funny! I have a Singer, well I have 3 Singers, a white, and another one.
Great story!

Great hand shot!

Dying to know what you are making!

Gerade fuer Rollstuhlfahrer ist es wichtig gut zu sitzen.

Ich liebe die Beschreibung

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