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March 19, 2008


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kirsty wiseman

hi Di - love those office peggies! Great to see you again and catch upo with your sunny and bright blog - you do cheer me up (buit obv not about your car!)


liking the see through pegs (^_^)


great "pegs" Sorry about the car. We are dealing with pretty much the same exact thing right now and it sucks. so much sympathy to you.


I'm glad the rain has stopped! Love your bright clips :o)

Double the price eh? Isn't that just typical? I hope you get sorted without much more bother.


Dealing with Insurance claims is such a pain. I just got my £100 excess cheque yesterday and I claimed on July 13th last year! x

Heather Watson Digital Elements

Great Pegs!


lovely colors! ;0)

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