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February 10, 2008


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That looks so painful - yikes. When I was 20 years old someone opened their car door in front of me while I was on a bike. I hit their door, broke their window and landed on my face in the street. I had a broken nose, a pebble lodged in the skin of one eye and had scraped the skin off of my chin, nose and forehead. My face wasn't a pretty sight but it was nothing like your photo either. It is great to hear that you were so pleased with the results though.


ooouuucchhhh, looks not a bit like you, but i have to admire you for doing it...just had a look at your envy pic, wow, beautiful, wouldn't look out of place on the screen.x

Sue Nicholson

I admire your honesty :-) Always have done as you know :-)

When young it's hard to appreciate that one day you will be older, even if you do you are most certainly going to "grow old gracefully" :-)


I actually went to find out about fillers etc as I recently became obssessed with my skin. Having the information made it a reality AND at the moment I am trying really hard to accept me the way I am . . . and hoping a bloody miracle in a bottle is due out soon!

BUT . . . I confess I am still very tempted :-(

I will not be this honest in my blog post today.

Thank you for sharing this Di

Sue :-)


As honest as the day is long as always Di and that is just what is so fabulous about you. I admit, your picture does look painful but know what I noticed the most? Still smiling, you are always smiling and how I admire that. Thank you for putting your heart and soul into playing along this week - are you ready to be a good girl next week?


Woah!!! Well done you for sharing!!!

Oh - and I meant every word yesterday ;) xxx


outch... thank you letting me know your secret. Very brave lady.. And exellent take on the promt.


OOOMMMYYYGOD!!! DI!! that's so brave of you!! it must be really painful! :-s Kudos!!


OMG that looks so painful. I am lucky in a way as I have always had to apply lotions from a young age as I am prone to psryasis (sp?) but it means at nearing 40 I don't have a wrinkle - yet! Lol


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