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February 08, 2008


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I love your little studio there! Very sheek, you can also crash there after a late night of scrapping!
Did I miss a lot? Plaster? Arm? What?
I am glad you are going to get to meet Aubrey!


great take on the prompt Di, I saw SA at the amazing race asia last night GOD! so beautiful! They went to this place called AQUILA and the view is really breathtaking, plus the safari experience it's so overwhelming! I wish I could go there too!

Have a nice day :)


Di I'm loving your posts this week! Great insights into the sins and then you tease us with pics of your amazing studio (envy!!) and swimming pool!


Oh you live in such a pretty place. I love your home/studio. Lucky you! x I agree re: wrath as well and love that photo. Good depiction! x


gorgeous studio Di, and great take on the prompt

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