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December 03, 2007


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Hiya Di!
Wow - you've been so busy. How did you manage to find the time to put pictures up on your bedroom wall?? I've been in my house for 19 years and I still don't have any pics on my bedroom walls! lol
Your new living room looks lovely and cosy already!
Looking forward to seeing you back playing again tomorrow.



Hello DI!!! how are you girl? I missed you!!! (((hugs))) Nice new home! very cosy indeed!

i love your new blog site, fab header too!

have a great week!



Looks very cosy!Congrats with the new house!

kirsty wiseman

whoa Di, I love that shade of blue in your bedroom xx
Welcome back!


Lovely to see you back Di and your new home sure does look lovely and cosy and it's nice to know you are settling in already :)
All the hard work was worth it!!


What a lovely new home..sending lots of good luck & fairy dust your way.x


Gorgeous new home Di :D look forward to having you back on HSMS xxx

Aubrey Harns

It's beautiful Di! Congratulations. Enjoy!


Lovely new home - you are soooo organised. And you did 'cosy' today!!


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[url=http://cheapnewerasnapbackshatswho.tripod.com/]Snapbacks for Cheap[/url] sure, don't even say to arrest, but the people are in the heart very clear, often the dead of the Hong absolutely relates to the county's rampant black bad influence, connect police department the bureau chief be all murdered, didn't that common people's life don't guarantee more, also no wonder

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[url=http://cheap-illest-og-hats.webs.com/]Cheap Illest OG Hats[/url] all right, probably is this a period of time to turn to turn to feel that the mind and body is really relaxed here and make sure this kind of way that alleviates pressure and relax nerve really the most simple and direct, most effectively after, those haven't rented a house and for whether rent


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"Ice, ice storm!"A seaman unintentionally saw this white line and immediately tored heart crack lung ground to bellow.

Threw 100,000 counters enter wager pond to beat bottom, the Du flew to sweep one eye, that boot the people.That T the people, the guessed from the Cha level comes up to see, should can't have much strong.But pull Bo Ren, they is all money to burn a hand at ordinary times, 50,000,000 USD all doesn't calculate to them what, estimate pure come to seek distraction.Leave of Ai Luo, see from the skin fertile technique in last time, affirmation can't be a weak hand, however, under the control that casino played for several days, Du's flying isn't at the beginning either at face in sea City the guy that knows to persist doing with the true spirit, at work properly to know, his true spirit make use of more and more skillful, if the Ai Luo's technique is more fertile than skin like the words in 1:00, that today is to win him have no the company measured!

"Do not!"See Jenny take the large needle tube facing the Du flies of the arm Be firm to go, Jian Ni flurried speaks an arrestment way, regrettable Jenny's action too quick, at the time that Jian Ni made a noise, the needle tube had already tied Du to fly of in the arm.

[url=http://www.margieorford.com/sample_private.html]toms outlet[/url] "Go!"Lin Hong Mei Jiao drinks a , a pink ray of light suddenly Shan now, in a short instant and then row several mutual cross long grass lines in front of her!"Jingle!"The voice that is earsplittingly a burst of to bump shot inherits a whole amount toward several arrows Shis of Lin Hong Mei after drive her bite crystal cut to fall!

At the right moment in this time, far gold in super historic relic space was small to release to put a dollar dint hole of hole, the of the world dollar dint suddenly becomes strong and sink among the dreamland of the little monkey wait a person at the baptism of war under, in succession

"Of elder brother" common speech says quite goodly, and also special ability Kan, then straight-tempered wrapped his car, let to take to visit for a while interest sea City.


[url=http://www.jasonsocracoke.com/images/desktops/southpoint.html]ralph lauren outlet store[/url] "Handing over to of underneath I, please take everyone to leave to fight scope!"Strength that equally contains mentally dense suddenly spreads from the divine empress heart place of devil, for an instant divine condition of the injuries of devil all stabilize down, his ear this just spread Di maple that soft voice.

Because his soldier mostly isn't a native of the place, Be different from native of the place and non-Han nationalities to then have the various fur-lined jacket or furriery that the father Zu stayed since the childhood, can use to resist cold winter.Even if canning procure from the local hand is some, but after all the indentation is still too big.Until the skin son in the Li Shu Shi's hand makes into now of fur-lined jacket also however enough bear arms own armed escort and little parts of soldiers.

White tunic person slowly the hat Jie on the head next, make a show of a very young and handsome face, he looking at Di maple and counter-questions a way:"Really don't remember me?I at the beginning but limited the real strenght of sorcery teacher, with you the incline toward sword private of guy the near body hand to hand fight lead of, you still I that precious robe to row lousy!"

Finish saying one Zong Ma Tou Tuo epilogue surname include oneself son at inside of severals will get to call front of gnash the teeth with hatred of say:"Pick to me 5,000 people, today if the war not and up leaves the city head of Shih-cheng, that prepares to die here."

[url=http://www.jasonsocracoke.com/images/desktops/southpoint.html]polo ralph lauren coupons[/url] Without any reason got a so big advantage, what Peter smiled matched a Long mouth not, however the Di maple at present has already acquired Peter's approbation, so happy still stay behind, still do proper business first important.As for the problem of manikin clan transfer, have Peter the full power to be responsible for naturally, but west the Li is still second to want Di of the maple see in person of, faced this to once pass away again the magic stood at the at present woman, the Di maple has already seemed to be a little bit to frighten into inaction.Time of losing memory the nature can't feel what, on the contrary remember to find back come after, don't know how to go to and solve, after all that she and current of is she the same person?

As a machinist, probably can make a various all sorts of strange things, machine with huge function, but return a knot bottom these are applicable to large-scale low level to fight, as long as once running into sword saint that kind of the enemy of the layer, any metal is perhaps all hard to make up both parties' huge margin!Is more more fundamental, the machinist is very weak of, Kevin also forces to at the right moment attain the gold sword private's level up to now, if don't depend on to depend on oneself those terrible machines, perhaps he was far and far thrown in the beearly hind by everyone!

Medium the street constitute to°from numerous consumedly small alley ways of, here in the past also once prosperous lead, the government wants to dismantle to move, so residents' the great majority of the region all moved out in recent years.See downward from the sky, the medium street is most in the center a maze, have 3 meter wide one in the maze, 100 meters grow of lane son, all of lane both sideses are to don't dismantle something to move


[url=http://www.jasonsocracoke.com/images/desktops/southpoint.html]ralph lauren polo outlet[/url] The words say at that time is Zhang Jiao have already been thoroughly inhibitted by Lu Zhi can the Quan be shrunken huge deer county with south region of time, although it is said Zhang Jiao has already been pressed by Lu Zhi of can not the inch enter, but after all it of the lackey of gangs still keep being stimulated to hope that the state is everywhere.Compare at those officials who hear to°from a Huang Jin Jun will escape in the neighborhood garrison of city defense, the Zhen house is such of households Wu the fortress on the contrary make people rest assured more, hence some home towns are seized by Huang Jin Jun of the scholar private's son then arrived at to seek refuge in the manor of Zhen house.

Even if is Su Bo don't dare to defendoof as well and chose countermarch.Ice Mu and snow are blue in this intensely hot environment not orientation.Ice Mu O.K. a point, immediately and quickly draw off, snow was slightly and late blue one step, have already been surrounded by the flame.Is continuously vacillating, flame roar, immediately Be blue to drown snow.

And Zhang Jia also belongs to rich agriculture rank in the region, the body has no lack of nourishment, plus often the year do force to make the body high big big and strong more.Light with sell mutually can cheat to pour one.So the Lyu Bu a group of people is in the 鄚 county once find out, knew Zhang 郃's news.

Big eyes of brightness are searching what.

[url=http://www.jasonsocracoke.com/images/desktops/southpoint.html]www.jasonsocracoke.com/images/desktops/southpoint.html[/url] See a circumstance like this, dream snow waits a person and early knows to escape, but copies Shang snow to look after ice Mu, while the Wei is virtuous then can't put the shadow Shang snow and ice Mu with dream snow of the disregard is a so brief moment, the huge shadow has already overalied they are completely!

But the martial arts house then face a little amount enemy inside the longer than small scope, list's picking is also very excellent.So the Dian Wei leads of the martial arts house is in fact Li Shu the actually near Wei guards of the shield exist, as for Xu Chu's rebel troops troops, that is one to go on expedition of sword.

Su Bo's aggression still pours is secondly, it is changing sides in war of four greatest householdses to let what him cut up rough most .The four greatest households' aggression toward Su Bo is unconcerned, completely is a tacit consent.


[url=http://www.yogawithamy.net/webalizer/hourly.html]oakley outlet online[/url] "Do not hold in suspense, say quickly."The Dai silk smiles a way, she with inside Si previous how much some misunderstandings, by this time make every effort to want to make up of the fracture of .

Hence finish saying, 2 people the sudden is opposite but smile, then the laughter became big since the childhood, finally drifted in the cold breeze and imitated a Buddha to originally is suspicious of, hostility with unfamiliar all although wear these laughters left here generally.

Snow heart on smiling, this gleeman is really the common failing that makes reference to all men a while.Even if the genius,such as Mu, permits Bo, Si skin gram, the Wei is virtuous, Su Bo also cans not helps following custom and immediately after thoughts of own baby's disciple, ice Mu for the sake of snow blue Be jealous with others but consumedly make moves is the matter sooner or later.

The northern side of west river is a county in county in the wild goose door and cloud, these two places don't say that how troops' fighting strength is(be not don't mean to say, but the related sad tears are too many) first, there big residents' the gap between rich and poor even if is Luo sun city may for of deelpy ashamed-rich of Be not afraid of to rob, or say can at frequently the different clan rob in can still do oneself wealth to greatly do strong person must is all hard idea;Is afraid to rob of absolutely can't only once they stir a person to stare at, the steppe race of north early have already descended numerous hands of time.So say PASS.

[url=http://www.yogawithamy.net/webalizer/hourly.html]cheap fake oakleys[/url] "I also go together with you, home a to the social parties in the end of the year specially many, dislike most be with those false guys together.Anyway the home once said as well to can't take care of my affair before I graduate."The thunder Man saying of excitement.

Certainly, so-called result in the Yuan house not is need Li Shu to actually wait artificial Yuan house to do what matter, the young man that only hope to have Qian quality with these in the Yuan house builds up a kind of comity.However if these people in the sons of someone to the Yuan house for example appear publicly now of the Yuan Shao have the words of special good will, the sons that doesn't mind to let oneself as well in the Yuan house carries on further exchanges with it.

Su Bo is cool on smiling, but this laughter in but contained infinite decision, way:"That I am about to ask Mu to permit great person's a question.


[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]adidas x jeremy scott[/url] Is original because body in many foreign body of upset with uneasy, soon change surprise!After all to their young person of this age, can acquire the strength of outrunning the general ordinary people, absolutely is a worth proundhearted affair.The air that looking at these two guys excitements, the gold is really very small to open cant not bear to the heart fight them.

In times before that youth suddenly the openings ask a way:"Do those big summer clansmens really have so badly?That in case of if really make them win victory, we be not ……"

Thought of here, the Du flies heart in not from some feel sorry for, however waiting title to see top in that strange stone the absorbability has already musted become the best of mullock to work properly a stone, in his heart suddenly on moving, want to don't think as well, take out to morely work properly a stone from the concealed bead space, prepare to again lend an in the moment strange stone to attain that the state of the clear Wu.

Chapter 13 library Ge(up)

[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]cheap jeremy scott adidas[/url] The twilight that steps setting sun, and wear a rosy sunset concealed have no of the bird blare, "father, mother, I came back!""Did the attention attend lecture today?Did the homework stick down?……Remember good, lovely, go to an affected industry quickly!"

Follow up.Even the if someone doesn't hire you, write them a thank-you note for the interview.Then, some weeks later, send another brief letter to explain that you still haven't found the perfect position and that you will be available to interview again if the original position you applied for-or any other position, for that matter-is open.The Do this with every position you interview for, the and you may just catch a break.

"The Du flies, you come back!"Together and together the friendship is what stuffing the ground sits in seat of honor in the sofa and hear open the door twist after the voice once the head see and see is a Du to fly and then and immediately smile to face to come up.


[url=http://ocracokenativeduckhunting.com/images/DSCN1603.html]jordan high heels[/url] Suddenly, the Du flies to stand up to walk to tent outside, together and together friendship after being waked up with a start, also fluster ground to put on pants, heel come out.

So big thing, how may drill so into among own body?!Say that own body connects a different time dollar space?!Otherwise does this how explain!

He says:

Sun rise the month fall, a connect 2 people for nine days the east of the facing make great effort in this boundless ocean.Leaf's singing the second day that the breeze floats a sea surface at 2 people has been already come to turn, although he whom he doesn't know that Li Jun is how to save, also know that Li Jun can save to arise from F in the deep place of ocean to can't definitely be an easy affair.Can whenever as he is starting to ask this affair Li Jun all chose it's silent, as time passes the leaf sings breeze also be not bringing up this matter, but his heart in is anyway can't forget Lee, either to handsomely help of boon.Is awake the leaf after sing breeze to resume he or she to almost consume with a day almost exhausted of inside dint, although inside the dint depletion resumed about, but those external injury be not can resume for a day and two days of, and because of have no boats and ships and have been soaking is at the sea water vilification harder heal.Saw basic instauration of the energy that the leaf sings breeze Li Jun finally insist not to live collapsed and fainted in the past, also no wonder that she would be collapsed and fainted, although just three very short regardless is in the deep sea to leaf after singing the poise spirit still float one the surface took a leaf to sing all of breeze headways are very depletion physical strength, only for the sake of care the leaf sing breeze she always bitterness bitterness' insisting, since the leaf sang breeze to have no big Ai her to also finally insist not to live.

[url=http://ocracokenativeduckhunting.com/images/DSCN1603.html]cheap nike air max[/url] The wing of fire bird at azure stone crystal wall up row Mars.Have the sweat drop the run off around on the Fan Jia Mo face.

"Xin, a Chinese family name ……Ci president of association you of Bo Fu, how are you!"After waiting others to all leave, the dark council chairperson then opened several the sorceries mirrors that greatly organize leader to contact to use each other in Europe, however this appears on the mirror noodles of isn't the bitter radicle president of association that he wants to see, but the Ci Bo Fu's president of association of sorcery association.

But do you know?According to the survey, listen to the person whom explaining in detail of 40 minuteses stroll again first, compare don't listen to the person whom the explication is used an hour to sight-see by himself/herself, see much many.60 minutes return to tour bus after, person once listenned to first explain in detail, will say that they saw the smiling face of this statue, the special feature of that fountain, the mural of a certain corner, the defection and damage of a certain stone stairs, they even can follow the guide says of story, imagine 1,100 year agos take place in that palace of fight, see the blood stain that the marble ascend to splash.


[url=http://www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx]polo ralph lauren factory store[/url] The leaf sings breeze along with the enlargement of war idea, each time the one punch each feet well the like superlative poetic art of move having the strength to leap a ground country sort, and making moves is general, gold just Fu evil boxing but display not to come out.Although don't know why the leaf sings breeze feels that the attack like this suits himself/herself more.Thou surname brothers that is like crazy the evil drunkard is general of the stick method and leaf sing breeze this kind of not darned dozen method, far and far see go to good three bedlamites are general.The leaf sings a breeze left hand on flicking to block the brass rod that the thou hurtle to a part, same time right shoulder a bump to bump a thou more retreated several steps, immediately left leg ground the right leg sweep exact center a thou to hurtle of under the rib.Got this a thou of feet certainly and strongly sinking Be blunt to immediately and painfully pour to absorb an air conditioner.Blunt just adjusted the time of good breath in the thou a feather arrows was like to rush thunder to generally shoot, is exactly the eye of Li Li to see organic to multiply by the feather of projection of arrows.The feather arrowses of original Li Li all from thou Xin, a Chinese family name block bottom, but make along with the increment of the Li Li feather arrows speed thou Xin, a Chinese family name is a bit hard up for cash, but Li Li this arrows but is at ancient bitter old dint with leak SONY for living moment projection, so ancient Xin, a Chinese family name basically can not for ancient blunt blocked this arrows.The ancient blunt eye sees the feather arrows inherit to a body form one Shan but is finally slow one step, the feather arrows accurately in the clout his shoulders.

"Face mountain orphanage in Hainan?"Listen to Du fly to suddenly mention this address, Ma Jun goes tiny on remembering, then and immediately wanted, immediately some interrogatively ask a way, " younger generation 40 year agos really foolish lead over there, don't know how the elder generation understands?"

"The matter of airship, everyone henceforth all forgot!"After laying up airship, the Du flies toward rather the Peng wait person to sweep one eye and lightly say, then spread the lake state of sound order underneath to lift to come up together together with the Xing the pure Huang.

"This is exactly also my strange place."The orchid degree knit the brows to wonder for a while, way:"Think necessarily those people to have other important businesses but be adjusted to leave, however can control good this kind of opportune moment erupts difficult, the clan of very possible emperor in have traitor."

[url=http://www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx]ralph lauren polo outlet online[/url] Although some kind of words say very emotionally wrought uply, everyone's having no severals is moved by him and still hesitate not ex-.The long hair summer clansmen sees this circumstance and sigh a way:"Do not forget, this is an order of adult, if not the ability release he, perhaps we also need not returned to."

Seal Ling Wen Dao:"She BE

Led for half month again, seeing Du to fly to still have a month would return to country, this evening he but suddenly received the telephone of Xiao Xuan, however there combine no one to talk after cellular phone dial, spread a burst of flounder, then the cellular phone was suddenly dropped by the En.

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