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December 08, 2007


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Jen Hall

i like the top one - it looks like you are hiding behind the plant! :D
funky hair :D


lol ... fun photos! i like your very bright smile (^_^) and ok, i'll try to include my face next sps ;)


It looks FANTASTIC!! I love it and maybe I should have a pink flash too!! Heehee


Thanks for posting a comment. My sos is up too. Not a happy one.

Sue Nicholson

Oh Diana great to see you again :-)

Lovin the pink flash. You have such style and class you can certainly carry it off :-)

See you soon . . . Sue :-)


I think the pink looks cool ;)


oh i love the hint of pink in your hair :D you look very lovely!


Way to go missus!! Love the pink flash...groovy :D Always love your SPS photos and your confidence :D


I miss you but you would be proud of my attempt to make a journal for this journal thing you guys are doing.


Happy New Year Hun we are missing you on HS:MS. Hope you are OK.
Love Me


Hey Di where are you????? Hope you are well xxxx


hi di! how are you? i haven't seen you lately, are you doin' good over there?! I miss you! come back and play with us :)



Hope you are ok. hope to see you soon on HSMS


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[url=http://cheapamakipkiphatssnapbacksw.tripod.com/]Amakipkip Hats[/url] person beat 1 flock and be a police regrettable, mix an underworld is also a gold medal hatchet man most at least. Lin Tian took aim Wang Nan Yi's eye, didn't also talk and arrived at Li Liang and untied him first, then Li Liang fluster of untie others, but Lin Tian's this time arrived at Wang Nan


[url=http://www.brc.se/canada-goose-jacka.asp?id=7][b]billiga canada goose jackor[/b][/url] A holder revealed that Beijing a fund company's open day of a product of the year around September 10, when there are more than 10% of revenue, but he chose to continue to hold firmly to the October 8, The cumulative net product only 1.148 yuan, and by October 15, the cumulative net value has reached 1.303 yuan, and 13.5% weekly gain as when Sports News. Fortunately, no opt-out on the open day, caught up in October the market, determine the correct. The holder feel very fortunate..
?[url=http://www.antikvariatmorris.se/canada-goose-jacka.asp?id=15][b]canada goose dam[/b][/url] Second year of marriage, Cha Tae Hyun and Cuixi En love crystallizes Cha Soo Chan, and to his son, he has turned down a very long period of time to choose work. Cha Soo Chan is Cha Tae Hyun himself for his son to take it: What is the meaning is best, what name is best to listen, I look up distressed for a long time, before he sets the name. Shizaitaixiang he told me a kid, I often surprised, for example, the neck is not too thick shirt buttoned up..

[url=http://www.brc.se/canada-goose-jacka.asp?id=9][b]canada goose jacka dam[/b][/url] Plainly Taiwan's politicians regardless of people's life and death, only the people as a tool to use 4. Taiwan narrow democracy. Direct result of this thinking is that Taiwan is a democracy for democracy, pursue democratic than half a century, what is now ask Taiwanese democracy, they only know that freedom of speech and freedom of all I do not know another speech, society does not develop, the so-called democracy is just a rhetoric of democracy, and most importantly everyone is entitled to the right to happiness, is not known..
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[url=http://www.metaphor.com.sg/images8/uggnewyork.html]ugg size chart[/url] Similarly, for social resources, Tianyi space will be introduced with the development of business experience and training capabilities for developers training and certification; introduction of professional testing service provider, or subcontract to individuals, for application of the test adapter services: for an open channel resources with the social mentality of co-marketing efforts. The ability to set up an open alliance is reported, Tianyi space incorporates a variety of software, games, music, videos, and reading content, covering most of the software application platform on the market, dozens of handset brands. As early as the previous month, the China Telecom App Store Operations Center hosted telecommunications capabilities component development contest opens, participants may submit applications and telecommunications capabilities or internet related, a combination of creativity, such as Taobao delivery reminders, online VOD , booking, ordering, website alarm services..
[url=http://www.aspac-aircargo.com.sg/js/uggsizechart.html]chestnut uggs[/url] Report illegal and criminal acts, the Constitution gives citizens the right to work in the 2010 Report on the forum Prosecutor, the Supreme People's Procuratorate of the material, in recent years, the prosecution filed the case based on the number of clues accounted for about 70% of the total filing, Report has become a national judicial organs to investigate criminal acts discipline weapon, but to report suspected criminal prosecution informants, many people suffer from varying degrees of retaliation or disguised repeated retaliation whistleblower retaliation, revealing our country is currently an urgent need to strengthen and improve the judicial system. Protect whistleblowers, not only to protect citizens 'rights and citizens' personal security needs, but also to promote the healthy development of our judicial system needs first of all, according to the law on whistleblower protection whistleblower protection , you need to explicitly state the legal level should bear what responsibility to whistleblowers, informants and the admissibility of reports clearly the legal nature of the relationship between organs, highlighting the principle of the right to protect the whistleblower systems and procedures of the system construction, although citizens of our country Report protection of the right in the Constitution, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure Code and other laws and other regulations, there are some provisions in principle, the commission, the Ministry of Supervision, the Audit Commission, the Supreme People's Procuratorate, the Ministry of Public Security and other state administration law enforcement agencies also have laws protecting their relevant reporting requirements, but these laws and regulations are often too abstract and lack of specific operability with the witness protection system developed strict compared to the implementation of legislation and specific reporting systems have lagged far behind. Such as Germany, Criminal Procedure Code, Article 68 provides that: witness will not answer personal circumstances to determine their identity documents to be stored in custody Procuratorate our country, Criminal Procedure Law Article 85 provides that a whistleblower confidentiality requirements of the judiciary should its secrecy, but the case goes to trial session, the informer as a witness testimony must provide information about the true identity statement, the so-called confidentiality undertakings will come to naught Secondly, case handling procedures must be strictly in real life, some reports layers of material to be forwarded, it actually fell to the hands of the informants, informants can imagine the situation, although this phenomenon has decreased in recent years, but the report information leakage problems still occur, often case has not yet started being informants have fashion, four care relationship to settle for whistleblowers inducements or threats, while the HKSAR ICAC annual average of nearly 3,000 corruption reports, due to stringent single point of contact system, there has been no report data leakage due to reprisals by their meticulous case handling procedures and other systems is crucial Third, we must severely punish those who retaliate..
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Look for self-discipline supplies?Complete nonsense!That basically just he seeks of lend, he is true of purpose BE, guard gold A corpse of that hole mansion!

"I promise that he can't intrude into any family, " white Rui the Mo say, "he can't asks for any trouble, either.Several day he will by boat go to South America after.Please don't lodge complaint him to the police.If you reported a police, I and my wife will have very big trouble."

Take a leaf cloud Qian haven't done, another time trails arms a horse and shouts along with a Jiao of leaf cloud Qian right away, and the jade started again advertising for a distance again at the male.

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The gold is small to open to pour is don't know the card pulls to unexpectedly still have this ability and secretly call in the heart strange.2 people the body that sticks in the card to pull up, the oneself dollar dint ordered a medium dollar dint to all generally flow to go out like the river.Imitate in the body that the card pulls the Buddha is to have a bottomless black hole, free to 2 people to infuse to note how much, is the felling that didn't overflow with at 1:00.

The Hui heart shook to shake head to walk over there and clapped to open his to forbid to make, , the Hui feels but the one step didn't also move, the spirit strength of Hui heart always prison lock in the prison lived him.


[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]jeremy scott adidas wings[/url] Steeped a short while feet, the Du flew to feel that the mind and body seemed to be suddenly and easily many.Kicked to kick river water, the Du flew a Yang body to lie to pour and hoped a clear and bright sky and smelt contain the air of grass juice breathing, the idea more floats more far along with a few light cloud vestiges in the sky ……

A foot appears ten several high rice huge black evil absolute being in mid air!

Seal a Ling but know the relation of thousand Lians and Fan Jia Mos of water of, water thousand Lians aren't likely to maltreat Hui light of, hand over to water thousand Lians Hui only, should be the best choice!

Falsely the net was burning to soon change the inferiority of director oneself to leave.

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"Want to look for person, vanquish me first, then say!"The gold is small to open right hand even stretch, aim at red and burning, loudly drink a way:"Come out!The knife goes a monster!"Be subjected to a gold small open of invoke, the glory in a soil yellow opens from the small gold body up bloom but, four close behind bone blades like four with the small gold chase huge knife blade to open for facing in the center red burning fierce cut pass by.

While arriving imperial palace front door, fill Ni Er to come out accolade in person.After jumping down to come from the car, the gold small development around has already parked up to 100 suspending of luxury to fly a car now and sees appearance those emperors who all attend early a clan a member.The gold is small to open after all still to arrive at this kind of situation for the first time, in the heart not from must have some strain.

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