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December 04, 2007


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Oh I love your chilly!!!

Of course you can show my LO on IACW! I would be thrilled :)



Congrats on your successful move to your lovely new home. You'll have plenty of opportunities to photograph chilly once you get over here!


Love the chilly photo! Your new house looks lovely - hope you get everything else unpacked soon.


ooh look at all that savanna!! Love those bins :)

Your rooms look great, i got very confused though cause I thought you were moving into Dannis original room. But her and Steve swapped at some point and I forgot about that! The lounge looks great and I bet it has a lovely atmosphere having been grams room!


Now thats my type of chilly! Love your cosy too and I'm glad the move went OK. x


Oh yes, now THAT kind of chilly, I like! lolol :)

Great shot, Di!


Wow!! sounds like you've got a busy week ahead Di :D
Loving your chilly photo :D


nice chilled drinks (^_^)


Good idea for a summer chilly! Your new home looks gorgeous and my, you are so organised with your unpacking and your Blog is fantastic. You are awesome!


Yay! I was wondering what you'd do for chilly - great shots!

Sue Nicholson

Hi Diana

Lovely to see you again. Great shots . . . making me thirsty LOL

Bye for now . . . Sue

Aubrey Harns

Terrific Chilly shot. It's not middle of summer here but I think the coldest it got yesterday was 73 degrees F! Not very Decemberish weather. I had to come up with something non-traditional too!


Hi Di! love your bucket full of beer! very chilly :D:P


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Anuj Kumar


Anuj Kumar

hats[/url] body, jade bracelet stretches to point to middle age youngscholar center of palm of hand to order.Middle age young scholar a , have some is more surprised than born reaction speed unexpectedly will thus of quick, just his behaving has been crazy Ao, know perfectly well to connect by center of palm

Anuj Kumar

Morning all!!! I have another busy week preparing for my trip to England and tying up loose ends here in CapeTown.

Out for dinner tonight with my friends Roy and Roz.

Lunch with Caz's "in laws" tomorrow.

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