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December 05, 2007


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What totally gorgeous pictures Di... it is always the children who make Christmas what is is I think :D
Wonderful too that all of the children can be together and happy which is how it should be :D


I really love that picture. Children and Christmas just go together don't they?


I didn't realise you had been in South Africa since a young girl, I guess you have seen some not so nice things go on, your pics are wonderful Di.x


Di, your pictures are wonderful, and speak volumes. I grew up in Malawi and Nigeria and although we too lived in a priveleged white community my parents were enlightened enough to make sure we met and understood some of those with far less advantages. Those memories stay with me til today and your pictures meant so much to me, thankyou


Such lovely pictures. Your post today gives us all something to be thankful for xxx


Great pictures, Di - good to see the children together (as it should be)


That top photo is just so stunning Di. x


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