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November 17, 2007


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My hair cut is posted on my http://caffinated-squirrel.blogspot.com It was yesterday's post.


Di, if you fancy a trip to Milton Keynes you are quite welcome to come for lunch. I was born in Hertfordshire!!


I would love to get together with you Di, but unfortunately I am in the grim North!! Hope you have a wonderful time there x


Oh Di, I would love to meet up and I don't live that far from London. The only problem is that I don't travel around much now because of the problems with my back - if I'm feeling OK enough I'd certainly be up for it.


I too would love to meet up with you but like Charli I live up North not far from Manchester and getting down to London is a nightmare not to mention extremeley expensive! x


I'd love too but I live thousand miles from you so that would be impossible :(Great SPS I love that tiara, look so good on you!:Dhave a great weekend! mwaaaaaaah!


Di, it's just up the M1 not too far from Caz.


Great take on the 'away' prompt and love the fairy SPS - you are so photogenic.


Once again Di - you look fabulous!I'm way up in Scotland and it's too far and too expensive to get down to London. Plus, it's hard to get time off work. I can't wait to see who you DO manage to meet!


great shots! what a cute fairy you are (^_^)


Smashing SPS Di, love the outfit. Hope you can find lots of Southern HSMSers and have a great time!


What a lovely little fairy you make!! OH honey if I could ge to London I would soooooooo do it! Gets lonely out here in the middle of BFE. I wish you a happy time and lots of laughs.


Great shot Di! I am too far oop North to meet you unfortunately :(


a fairy with no wings . . . so sad - LOL! :)

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