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November 07, 2007


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Hi Di! love your confused pic! I too am confused! LOL! i'm lovin' ur cabinet! if in case you won't be needing it, can you send it over here? LOL! enjoy your lunch date ;) take care!


Fabby confused shot today, Di! Hope you manage to get it all sorted out soon!I'm loving the pics of your house too. That stove looks brilliant!


Great shot Di very confusing! Love your TV cupboard too. Have a really nice lunch today with lots of laughs. x


Fab confused shot and your home is lovely - with you in it your house will be just as lovely when you relocate :)I am confused trying to think of my confused pic..... :D


I'll bet you are confused what to take. Luckely you have time to think about it....... Great picture!


What a great tv cabinet it is nice to be able to put the tv out of site as they do take over are lives. Have a lovely lunch :~) xx


Wow you have some nice furniture and I love your confused shot. Have fun at lunch.


Great shots there Di. I bet you're confused at this 'upheaval' going on in your life.


Hmmm such a dilemma....bring it all...lolHave fun at lunch.Cazx


It'll be interesting to see how you fit all of that. :) Nice picture for the theme. have a great lunch.

Aubrey Harns

Great shot Di! I know the feeling.Aubrey


Great shots!! Love all the spots in your house. Maybe you could wish your things to Caz.


Had to laugh at the 'big fat Sony tv' we have one of those too... OMG just how big and outdated is our tv, and it is only a couple of years old!!!Great idea for confusedX


Loved seeing into your space and great shot for confused lol x


Lovely selection of photos today - it's great seeing some more fav spots. Hope you enjoyed your lunch.

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