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November 12, 2007


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oh i've seen that dinnerwares before :P lovely!!love your before and after SPS!!


YOu are almost empty! :( :) not sure which to be. I am almost ready to put the website out there to have people test the links. Almost ....... after a very tring weekend.


Time for grocery shopping, i guess!


Certainly looks like the packing has started. Good luck with the move.Cazx


Great take on the prompt, Di.


I recognise those cups and saucers at the bottom! Great take on the word and so appropriate for you and your move.I would sign up for the art journal, but with work etc, I don't think I'd have the time or the energy to commit for so long.


Great take on almost Di. Did you know we share the same birthday!!?


big job emptying cupboards, sounds like you are doing well!


great take on almost!


I am well and truly back Di - its great to read everyones blogs again and catch up!! Loving your pics too!Whats this - you're moving!! Wow I have missed out on a lot havent I? Congrats love, are you staying in SA or joining us in the cold cold UK?


Great shot which really tells the story of packing :)


Love your shot as always Di :D Will pop onto IACW later xx


Great take and good luck with the cleaning and moving .x


glad the packing up is going well Di... I do not envy you though, after we moved I swore never again...LOL!!!I've signed uo for the IACW journal too... really looking forward to it:)


Ooh Diana, not long to go now. Seems like you're making good progress though.

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