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November 15, 2007


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Awwww no sleep for the wicked or the foolish. I just realized that hey november 16th is THIS freaking friday. I am doing a trivia night and have yet to the questions or the prizes or get a projector or prizes. I am an idiot. I'll be up for at least anouther hour and a half.So glad your house sold. You can stay with us for that time but that means coming to the US. By the way I got inspired by you and chopped my hair off. I have less than you. Scarey.


oh sorry to double post but I am grinning ear to ear! Why? The site is up!! www.nuthousecandles.com


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This post has been removed by the author.


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Exciting stuff - get packing girl!!


Brilliant news Di - Congratulations. I am so pleased for you. x


Yay Di - you're back! Isn't it funny how we miss each other when someones is absent even for a day? :)Love your shots for today. I love those angels!Can't begin to tell you how I happy I am for you that your house has finally been sold! It must have been awful to be in kind of Limbo all this time. I'm really happy for you, hunny. xxx


I'm sooooo pleased to hear about the house!!! Love your photos today.


HI Diana! First time I've visited your blog. Love your photos! And good luck with the house move.


what a charming stove!


Congrats on the sale. Must be such a relief!


I missed you yesterday too, Diana, you have such a wonderful outlook on life. Absolutely LOVE your miniature - it's gorgeous - and many congratulations on the house sale. x

Aubrey Harns

Congrats on the house selling! Great shots - such cute little things!Aubrey


Congratulations love!! Well done you! Must be a load off. Exciting for you too! Hope you enjoy your stay in the UK!! Love the pics for today too!


congratulations on the official house sale.... woooohoooo!!!Love the little stove and the angel collection.X


woohoo!!! DI!! KUDOS!!! let's celebrate!!! LOL! lovely catchup pics!

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