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November 04, 2007


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WHALE WATCHING? AWWWWWWI'd love to do that too.....I messed up with a ticket also - wanted to get my maiden name back but I think that's not a good idea to have another name than what's on the ticket. Especially when you go to the US. ;)


LOL Di - my sos will be up tonight. We are going to the park later so hoping to get some cool Autumnal shots ;)


I think I am beginning to realise your life is ALWAYS hectic LOL am I right??? Love your SPS and SOS :D hope the house move goes smoothly :) xxx


Love your moving house book. You make me want to be more organised and have books for everything. Now I'm really really jealous of you doing another parachute jump. x


I love your journal! I just scribble things down on tatty pieces of paper and they get lost. I realy must try harder! lolLove the sunset shot. It will bring back the whale-watching memroies for years to come. I'm sooooo jealous!I do so hope you get the house sale amoothed out. I'm sure it will all come together in the end!Yikes to the parachute jump!!! I think I'd be ok once I was out of the plane .... it's just having ther courage to actually jump out!


Me again!! A Wii is a games console-type thing. Plug it into the television, put in a game disc and away you go! xxx


love your sunset pic! Di :D


parachute jumping??!! don't think I could cope with the adrenaline rush . . . . good luck with the move :)


Gosh, Di, you're really having to juggle things in life - hope it all works out OK. Love your SOS today.


Look at that sunset..... so beutiful.


Would love to do some whale watching - lucky you, Di. Stunning sunset, too! Good luck with the house move!Ax


Gorgeous piccie...Whale watching sounds amazing.Cazx


Your blog is not boring! And your whale watching pic looks so peaceful, hope the house thing works out for you - that must be so stressful.Janice


Well I love the sunset pic. Your journal is fab too. I buy all kinds of journals and then never use them for anything.


Thanks for rembering aunty Di i will look after you on the way down love Ali


gorgeous sunset.

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