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October 26, 2007


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Gorgeous shades of watermelon for your towels.Glad you finally have a moving date. Good luck with it all


I have a towel fetish too, Di! lolI love those colours.YAY - that's fabby news about your house!!! You must be so relieved and excited!


cool towels.I LOVE moving... just this year my dad said he'd not help me AGAIN- how mean is that ;)So I just got some new furniture =)


Oh those colours go so well, it always looks nice when you go into someones bathroom and they have lovely coloured towels that match. Good luck with your move :~) xx


lovely towels, I have to have mine folded a certain way..looks like you do too..x


love the colors!


So pleased for you. Am I right in thinking that in SA if you accept an offer they have to buy, that's it you've sold no horrid sales falling through last minute like here?


Love the colour of the towels and fantastic news about your house :)


Big Congratulations Diana woo hoo a sale for the house now i know you're not around much but i just wanted to post that i did a Breast Lo for you 'blush' LOLi really am very shy so really all you get is cleavage but they are definately featured thanks so much for the inspiration and have a brilliant weekend


Towels are great, aren't they? I absolutely LOVE the colours of yours and they really do remind you of watermelon. Gorgeous. x


Lovely colours, very vibrant.


love the colour of the towels too, they look very posh rolled up like that:)


oooh really loving your favourite things Di... gorgeous towels and love your 'flying carpet' :DHuge congrats on getting an offer on the house...way to go... whoooo hoooo :D


Vibrant towel colorS! Love it!

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