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September 20, 2007


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I love all your shots, Di. Good luck with the viewer today.You're really getting on with that blanket! Well done!


I especially love the coffee mug shot! Great job!


great photos! i'm so interested to see your granny squares...it's on my list of 'things to learn how to do!'anitax


LOL! I was thinking of putting my coffee mug too but i changed my mind! we're on the same wave length don't ya think? LOL! cool shots! :D


Great 'breaks'!Well done with all the squares


Great shots Diana, I think they reflect your mood. Hope that eyebrow wax helps with today's buyers!!


Great photos. Keep those squares coming! Hope there's some house news soon.


Great pics. The right buyer will come along eventually. I love the saying that 'things happen for a reason'. It keeps my spirits up. xx


I'm so jealous. You got all those great shots this morning and I had to cheat with an old photo. LOL Good luck with the house...and hey, you're coming along quite well with your crocheting!!! Good for you.


Good luck with the house Di!! Great shots, I am also a crochet demon at the moment, or trying to be!! Trying to finish my scarf but it aint happening!


I love the rook tile!! As around here we don't have roof tiles at all I find it very interesting.


fingers crossed your house will sell soon:)we have broken paving slabs too...LOL!!!

Sue Nicholson

Fingers crossed for the house sale Di :)Whales are fantastic. Saw them "perform" once and the sound was incredible and heart stopping.Great break photos :)Bye for nowSue


Lot of breaking going on at your space.... Great pictures, all of them!

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