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September 24, 2007


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hahaha Di! It took me 10 secs to find your dog! Nice thing about this challenge is even if we don't have it in our space, we go out of our way and always find things that would represent the word. I like what you did today! very clever.have a great week!love, Ettey


Lovely pic, what a cute dog he was. So sad when they go...


Great take on the prompt Diana! Beautiful memories immortalised with love!Re. the missing mojo - I reackon there's something in the air because I have been having this conversation with so many of my crafty friends this weekend! You're not alone ;o)

Terrie Farrell

Morning Diana, cute little doggy. X


great that you have a tapestry with your little dog in.x


Great tapestry. Well done on the squares. Your housekeeper is a lovely lady.


That's such a lovely way to remember your dog. Can't believe how quickly you are getting that blanket done! Wow!Love the picture of Margaret - she looks such a happy person.I also love your SOS shot from yesterday. Those flowers are so vibrant!


what a beautiful way to remmeber your dog and Margaret looks wonderful can i borrow her atm LOLi'm not well and could do with some company have a great day


Great take on the promt, I love my Scottie, and yes she is the subject of my HS:MS today!


Great take on the word for today Di!! And love the pic of Margaret - she looks like she'd be great to have around!


What a beautiful way to remember a well loved dog. The house situation seems like a win/win arrangement. What will happen to Margaret when you move? I love the blue and yellow square for your blanket. Good work getting this done so quickly. Have a good day - guess it's evening now where you are.


Great tapestry. Seems like you are going great guns with your blanket. x


Sounds like things are possibly picking up for you. I hope so, and I'll keep my fingers crossed for the house to be rented.


Great shot of the dog!!! Clever thinking.

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