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August 27, 2007


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good to see you ready for action! Great news about another trip over hre for you. Thanks for all your kind comments. BTW RAW is an image type setting on your camera like JPEG, apparantly it is the imge in its purest form (or something like that) and you have more control over it. You do need to processis first though. ATM it just seems like an extra faff to me as I can't see any difference!!


Great idea to use shadows! Great pictures.


Lovely photos, you're definitely getting to grips with your new camera :o)


Love your playing with shadows and your LO. I agree with you about comments left - I love it that people visit my blog too. It's a lovely way of 'meeting' so many people in various places.


I'm using RAW format on my camera and it's so much easier to play around with in photoshop elements. Loving your photos and i think you've already taken plenty to be proud of. Andrew is definately right though oh the magic of digital photography...click click click and no expense! Have fun!


What a great idea to use reflections! Love the one of your shadow! Glad you're having fun with your new camera.

mil lunares

you caught the sun perfectly! Well done!And I thank you too for beeing a part of my daily journey through the www. I donĀ“t mind to be linked b the way..


great take on the prompt


Diana, that is lovely! I have a real thing about doors, gates and knockers, but haven't yet perfected the art of taking them.


Diana, Love your photos, today's take is a lovely shot.

Lin (Briar Patch)

Lovely photos, glad you're having fun with your new camera. No problem if you wish to link to mine. :-)


Just had a lovely catch up and you have taken some beautiful photographs. I love how you did the shadow one I must give that a go one day :)


So much fun to play with a new camera--even an old one--your shots are lovely. You can link me if you'd like. :-)


Great photos - I really like the shadow one!


Your sun shot really gives an impression of warmth and cheer. Exx


Love all the iamges Diana - love the reflection and your shadow image is great!


Great shots Diana you are definetly getting to grips with your new toy. :)


Great work!The big joy of a digital camera is that you can take the same shot from loads of different angles and distances to see what works best. Glad you seem to be enjoying the learning process!P.S. Wouldn't mind at all if you want to link me from here. :)

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