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August 28, 2007


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Oh wow your hair looks great! I love it short :) I ran down to the apple tree this morning to get a new photo, it is so full!


love your photo btw :)


Great photo! Your hair looks fantastic.


I love your hair Di it really suits you. Great shot of the apples too. :)

Lin (Briar Patch)

Great self portrait, your hair looks fab!Nice apple pic too! ;-)


Lovey photos! Your hair looks great aswell!Mum said you can add a link to my blog if you want!


Wow Diana, congrats on the 50th post! LOVE your hair, I thought you were going to say the hairdresser had done it like that :O) Love the apple photo and if that's cheating I'm afraid I've cheated big time today ~ lol xXx


Great photo. Love your new salt and pepper hair. I also retired in June, have my hair its natural salt and pepper. But I am very lucky and am not at all bored.


Great 'apple' photo Di. I just love your new haircut... you really suit it and congrats on your 50th post :)


Nice shot! Love the hair!


You look lovely Di. Nice photo too!


Love your new look :) (apple tree looks grest too!)


I think your hair looks gorgeous, salt and pepper suits you:)great apple shot too:)


Love the apples and love the hair, it really looks good on you.

Sarah Youde (AKA monroegirl)

Beautiful apple photo and gorgeous new hair style too :)


your hair looks gorgeous Di, i love the colour too


I love your hair. You're very elegant and can totally pull off that look, it looks sophisticated :-)


Elegant is the first word that sprung to my mind too Di! Your hairstyle looks great and you look very relaxed in front of the camera! The apples are terrific too!

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