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August 28, 2007


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Both pics are great shots of you. I really like the pose of the second one. You look happy and relaxed.


Great pics Di. Wish I was as confident as you in front of the camera. Can't wait to see what you make with that beautiful material.:)

Sarah (aka monroegirl)

Great photos nd I love your fat quarters!


Hope the sun finally comes out today for you. Love the self portrait pics :-)


A big Hello from me Di! Thanks for the welcome!! I'm well impressed with how relaxed you look in front of the camera - I hate having one pointed in my direction. Your cloud shots are great, but the b/w one is stunning!! Wow!


Love your pictures. Yesterdays apples look fine too.


Great job Di - and its great to see you in your shots too - hope i can pluck up the courage to get in front of it again for S.P.S.!!


What a lot of super shots today. Strange about the black and white one - you couldn't do it if you tried!


Some lovely shots there. Hope the weather improved for you.

Aubrey Harns

Great shots Di. Your clouds are wonderful and you look like so much fun!Aubrey


Lovely shots Diana - looks like you're having great fun with your new camera!! xx


I love the last cloud photo! I had to be patient today as my sky was yucky this morning! Your SPs are getting better too :)


Lovely shots, you certainly are having fun with your camera!


Fab photos Diana. You're doing great in front of the camera - wish I could relax when I'm being photographed.Love the sun hiding behind those dark clouds.


Always a pleasure to visit your blog, you always seem so bright and cheerful.


great clouds. Love the fat quarters. You're a tease to not tell us what you are making.


Your cloud photos kept getting better and better. I am so impressed with your self-portrait practice. Come Saturday I'll be wishing I'd done that too!


Great shots, i can see you're really loving your new toy.

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