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August 30, 2007


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love the 2nd photo. I guess I'm weird but I absolutely hate those TV dishes. Don't hate your photo, just the objects.


I love the fact your dish has Space Television on it..lol


great photosCaroline x


Great pictures, especially the second one.


Ditto what Sharon said! I went for satellite too, but I wish I'd had a pretty dish like your second shot to take a pic of! This is a great photo!


Looks to me as if your perseverance is really paying off - great photos.


Fab piccies.Cazx


Love your shots. We don't have one of the top ones we got rid years ago as the kids watched too much TV. :)


Thanks for your comment yesterday! I love the dish with legs! Mum got rid of our Sky TV years ago aswell but the dish is still on the back of the house! I loved all the cloud photos yesterday aswell. The self portraits were great! You looked like you were having lots of fun!


If there's a dish like your first one near here, I'm unaware of it. I think it's a great shot.


I think they're both lovely photos. Keep persevering!


I'm sure you'll get the hang of it...i found this site really useful info on DSLR's although it's not camera specifichttp://web.mac.com/becksmbp/iWeb/Home/DSLR%20Guide/0500AD28-49B8-48DA-850A-756B105845FA.html


Great shots Diana, love the clouds from yesterday too :O)


dont feel glum Di! You'll get there love - they're a law unto themselves, these cameras! I know exactly what you mean though, mine is playing up at the mo too. Chin up!


PS I forgot to say - love both pics, love that dish with the curly legs x


fabby pics Di - especially love your second dish - very elegant!

Sue Nicholson

Hi Diana :)Just been catching up on your previous posts.So pleased that you are getting to grips with your camera. Your photos are excellent and so interesting.I love your hair. And all your sps!!! You are an inspiration :)See you tomorrow :)And December is not all that far off is it?Sue

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