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Using my knitting/crochet planner

I can't believe I've been using this planner for 6 months already!

WP planner list page

K&C planner project page written

KC journal notes pages

KC journal inventory pages

KC journal diary pages

It is so nice to keep all my yarn craft information in one place, and handy in my current WIP bag. I've used random notebooks over the years with little success. The fact that I can add and move pages as well as sections around this planner has meant I can make it work for me. Along with the TO MAKE list and project pages, I have printed notes pages, recorded what needles and hooks I own and use the diary to record how long each project takes me. This has come in very handy when I write up a finished object post here on the blog.

The personal size is perfect for this type of planner/journal. However if I was doing designs then maybe the A5 size with some grid paper would be the better option. I'm not at that stage yet, but perhaps one day!

C xx

Websters Pages Traveler Notebook

Websters travelers notebook
Websters travelers notebook 1
Websters travelers notebook 2
Websters travelers notebook 3
Websters travelers notebook 4
Websters travelers notebook 5

I decided to treat myself to a Websters Pages Traveler Notebook. I love the idea that you can have a couple of notebooks on the go at once but still keep them neat and tidy in one folder. I didn't dither over colour choice at all and absolutely love the bling of the rose gold!

Now if I'm totally honest I do NOT need another notebook. I am a notebook addict and have enough to see me through to at least 86! But another reason this book is so great is that you don't ever use it up, you just keep replacing the books inside. I really really love that concept.

Like the Websters Pages planners, this notebook comes in a lovely sealed box with a HELLO vellum greeting when you first peek inside. The book is also protected from the elastic closure which is so great as you don't want a dented book before you've had a chance to admire it.

There are four elastics to hold the notebooks, i'm not sure yet if 4 books is practical and I've not seen any mention of replacement elastics although the Midori ones may fit in case of breakages. I also haven't seen the kraft cover books sold seperately, although again i'm sure the Midori ones will fit. Planners are pretty standard so mixing and matching is totally doable!!

I'm not sure I'll be able to just have the one so watch this space, haha.

Ciao xx

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The perfect knitting/crochet planner

WP planner arrived

WP planner front page

WP planner tabs

WP planner tab ruler

WP planner page

WP planner list page

WP planner calendar page

Disclaimer: Links to sites I used are at the bottom of the post and are not affiliate. All opinions are my own.

My quest to find the perfect knitting/crochet journal has been a long one. I started with the My Knitting Journal which has lots of information pages (that didn't really apply as I was just doing crochet) and some project planner pages. With the addition of ball bands and yarn sample cards it swelled to bursting point and I had to tear out most of the information pages to make room. It's also quite big so didn't live in my project bag/basket and I kept forgetting to use it!
Then I tried a plain note book which I divided into sections for 'future projects, 'project pages', 'tools lists' etc, but was quickly frustrated at the confines of a bound book. 

When I started my Carpe Diem Planner journey last year I thought that I could perhaps incorporate a knitting/crochet journal but despite my best efforts I couldn't seem to make them gel. 

One day while looking though Instagram I came across a photograph from Webster's Pages. Now I see their posts as I follow them, but this one image jumped out at me and I knew their personal size planner was just what I needed. I managed to find one at Crafting.co.uk for £8.00! It's a 2015 starter kit but at £8.00 I really couldn't pass it up!

I was so excited for the planner to arrive and when it did I was not dissapointed. It's very nicely presented in a sturdy box with velum cover, that made me giggle.....hello pretty planner!
Although I had planned to swap out most of the inserts that come with the planner I've decided to keep them in and see if I can use them. I wasn't sure if the divider tabs would work either but actually they're really sturdy so it makes sense to keep them too.
I had read some mixed reviews about the quality and build of the planners but Webster's must have addressed these and made some improvements as I can't really fault it. The only one negative I have is that the pages aren't punched very well so they are stuck together, but it's a minor issue and at £8.00........goodness I really can't believe I got such a great bargain!!

I couldn't find stock of the 2016 Websters diary inserts in the UK (although I will probaby try harder to find them later in the  year to have them for 2017!) so I bought a few printables from PrintablePineapple on Etsy. The month on 2 pages is great for keeping track of what i'm making and gives me an idea of completion time when I blog a finished object. I also bought the 9 in 1 listmania package and have used all except the 2 grocery lists, although I'm sure i'll make use of them at some point! I love that there are 3 different blank list formats, which I have already used to keep track of sock yarn colour combos!

Misstiina has some really cute free printable journal cards and I printed loads for this planner and my CD planner.

I'm still looking for the perfect 'project page' and if I could get my head around designing my own I would. If you're a whizz on the old PC and fancy a collaboration, please shout!

As with the Carpe Diem planner, this one will evolve and change as I make it work for me, so keep an eye out for a update later in the spring. I'm so looking forward to popping it in my project bag :)

Ciao xx




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