Yarnalong - July

Yarnalong 05 06 18 1
Yarnalong 05 06 18 1
Yarnalong 05 06 18 1

Joining yarn along on Ginny's blog today for July.

I'm still working on the Silvermine shawl, and long rows of 388 stitches. I've developed a bit of carpel tunnel (or similar), from the long purl rows especially, so it's very slow going with 2 or 3 rows per day, usually at lunch time.
In the evenings I'm working on another Happypotamus as a gift for later in the year. It's a good project for this lovely summer weather we're having, with small shapes in lovely cotton.
During this past month I made two Baable hats, thankfully before the heat set in! My first time doing stranded colourwork and working with a colour in each hand which I found so easy and thoroughly enjoyable. I finished the first one, the grey, and dear husband instantly claimed it, so I decided to do one for me too. It was all in the name of learning and mastering the colourwork in anticipation of doing the Birkin sweater! I don't have yarn for it yet, but that is easily remedied!

Reading. I started Emma by Jane Austin as a 'I really want to read a classic' project but I found it way too hard going and didn't get far at all. It's abandoned, for now.
I finished Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine by Gail Honeyman over the weekend. What an AWESOME read that was. WOW.
And then started The Break by Marian Keyes.

Thanks for stopping by and if you're a yarn alonger, thanks for sharing your knits and reads!

C xx

Yarn Along - June

Yarnalong 06 06 18

I'm joining Ginny and the Yarn Along crew today.

This is the Silvermine shawl, that I'm knitting in Amano Ayni yarn. It's a beautiful knit!

Last night I finished the first instalment of The Book of Dust by Philip Pullman. It's quite a scary book considering it's for late teens/young adults. I can't wait for the next book to come out now, although I think that may only be in the spring of 2019.

So looking forward to looking at what everyone is working on this month!

C xx

A seat with a view

and joining Keep Calm Craft On.

Yarnalong 22 03 17

This is pretty much my view when I'm not at work, or paper crafting, or on my treadmill. I have finished (to the point that the pattern orders) both sleeves of dear husbands ranger cardigan. And I am only a couple of inches off starting the short rows on the body. Once the back has been lengthened, we're ready to add the sleeves. I had hoped to get an outdoor photo of this yummy yarn but just as I was going to take one, the heavens opened and the hail came down.

I am thoroughly enjoying Rosy is my Relative, by Gerald Durrell. It's such a light hearted and entertaining read.

I have been actively gathering sock patterns thanks to the inspiring yarnalong bloggers. Thanks all who share their sock WIPs.

Speaking of which, Ginny has decided to stop hosting yarnalong. Thank you Ginny for hosting and introducing me to so many wonderful crafters!

Happy Wednesday!

C xx

2nd sock

and joining Ginny for Yarnalong

Yarnalong 15 03 17

Last Thursday I travelled up to Edinburgh for the Edinburgh Yarn Fest. I took along some yarn and a sock pattern as my travel companion. On the way up to Scotland I didn't do much knitting as I was reading my book and looking out of the window as the beautiful English country side whizzed by. (I have photos and my story to share later this month)

This sock is Marlee by CabinFour. And it's a pretty quick knit, for a newbie sock knitter like me.

I'm reading Rosy is my Relative by Gerald Durrell. It's a delightful story, and I'm so enjoying it.

Back to dear husband cardigan by the weekend I hope.

Looking for sock inspiration if you have a favourite pattern to share. I prefer plain(ish) socks and like to knit in solid colour. Thank you!

C xx

2nd sleeve

And joining Ginny for yarnalong

Yarnalong 08 03 17

Photo from last nights stitch and bitch in our village pub.
I'm progressing well with dear husbands cardigan, having finished sleeve one over the weekend. The sleeve rounds are far easier than the long body rows and although I was trying to alternate my working I enjoy the sleeves much more. The artificial light is really not doing the colour of this yarn any favours. Looking forward to the Voila post photography shoot for this one.

I'm 20 pages off finishing my Wilbur Smith book. Good timing as I have a 5 hour train journey tomorrow and a new read (interspersed with a bit of knitting) planned.

I'm off to The Edinburgh Yarn Festival. So excited and a little nervous as it's a lone venture although I'll meet up with a friend on the Friday at the fest. So much chat on the Ravelry EYF board has my bank card twitching!

Happy day
C xx

Sewing buttons

And joining Ginny for yarnalong

Yarnalong 01 03 17

I finished this cardigan a year ago, or was it two, and bought some buttons for it at last years Hitchin Festiwool. I was using a shawl pin to close it but was keen for buttons. A work colleague helped me with placement and I stitched them on last night. Because it's not strictly a button down cardi there are no button holes so I needed to crochet loops. I love how it's turned out!
And now back to dear husbands cardigan.

About 50 pages from the end of my Wilbur Smith book, Pharaoh. And still enjoying it so much.

Last week's yarnalong saw me adding a few new projects to my Ravelry library so I'm looking forward to see what everyone else is up to thins week!

C xx

Easy knitting

And joining Ginny for yarnalong

Yarnalong 22 02 17

I'm flipping between long body of the cardigan rows and shorter sleeve of the cardigan rounds this week. The stitch pattern has become easier now and although I need to (and I do need to) mark off my rounds for the sleeves, things are progressing nicely and I'm so enjoying this make. I'm not great at knitting for other people because I get annoyed knowing it will be given away at the end, but at least this cardigan isn't going far.

It looks very grey in this photo and I blame artificial light. I can't wait to photograph this one outside! The colour is just wonderful and I'm not normally a brown person.

On the second half of my Wilbur Smith book, Pharaoh, and I'm starting to panic about it ending. Although I do have my next book lined up next to my bed and I am looking forward to re reading this one so it's not all bad news :)

Thanks for stopping by!

C xx 

Knitting and watching on my yarnalong

And joining Ginny for a yarnalong

Yarnalong 15 02 17

I'm making good progress on dear husband cardigan. I love the stitch! And Brooklyn Tweed Shelter yarn is such a pleasure to knit with.

I'm knitting while watching American Gothic through Amazon Prime. I started it today after finishing 'That Girl' which was such a sweet show although, wow, how crap were woman treated 50 years ago!!

Of course I still have my Wilbur Smith book on the go. And still really enjoying it.

Counting down to Edinburgh Yarn Festival next month!!

C xx

Making good progress

And joining a yarnalong with Ginny

Yarnalong 08 02 17

It's not usual for me to be working on two projects at once but right now I am.
I'm on block 38 of 40 of the cotton throw, the second intarsia block. I'm slightly addicted to colourwork, which I never thought I would say! There are ends to sew in, blocking to be done and then a few decisions to make. Do I sew it together or crochet it together? Do I knit a border that can be attached or pick up stitches and knit a border? Or do I crochet the border? So many unanswered questions.
This week I made a start on dear husbands cardigan. It's a knit in one piece item, so each row is pretty long. The rib band is almost complete and then it's a bit more interesting with a drop stitch textured pattern. I'm using Brooklyn Tweed shelter in Truffle Hunt colour way. This yarn comes alive in natural light with tiny flecks of blue that pop out every now and then.

Enjoying and loving Pharaoh by Wilbur Smith.

Thanks for popping by!

C xx 

The final 5

And joining Ginny for yarnalong

Yarnalong 07 02 17

I'm on the 5th to last block of the cotton throw and it's the last solid colour block with cables. I was undecided on the background colour for the final 4 blocks (which are all the same), so I only got around to ordering it yesterday. These are intarsia blocks so I'm really looking forward to doing them. Can't quite believe I just said that!

My book, Pharaoh, by Wilbur Smith is so good. I am enjoying and savouring each and every page. I'm sure this book will be on my yarnalong posts for a while :)

Looking forward to seeing what everyone else is up to this week.

C xx