Easter egg gifts

Easter egg assortment

Easter bunny bowl

Easter egg cones

Easter bunny poop

Easter bunny poop close up

A bit of Easter egg gift inspiration today. I wanted to do something completely different this year but left it too late to buy supplies (and I needed to deliver one parcel on the weekend) so thankfully I had plenty cone shaped cellophane bags left in my stash.

We usually buy large bags of eggs and split them up. This is cost effective and gives each kid (some of them big kids) a bit more variety. It was also great to get a few crafting supplies out for the Easter bunny poop bags. I did 'Easter bunny tails' using marshmallows a few years ago (never photographed) and they went down a treat. I hope these do too!

I'm so looking forward to Easter, the break from work and the time with family.

Ciao xx

The fast

This post has been quite tough to write. I wanted it to be full of positive messages with a real sense of achievement, instead I just couldn't muster any enthusiasm for it at all.

49 days is a long time. It's a long time to feel enthusisatic about food that you're loving but getting a little bored of.

I had a terrible cold mid fast and a square of chocolate would have lifted my spirits! In fact a block of cheese would have done the trick too. It's funny how anything forbidden is the only thing you want when you're feeling down. I also couldn't muster the energy to think of two meals, one for Stuart and one for me, or enjoy food that I couldn't really taste. It felt like a waste of time and I was well and truely fed up!
We also had a few meals out with friends where I had the choice of two things on the menu and everyone around me was eating burgers and steak. Gosh, I wanted to scream even though it was my choice to fast and I really ought to stop behaving like a child, lol.

After my cold had gone, I found a few new recipes to try and started to feel some of the enthusiasm return. But I still wanted to give up. The funny thing about putting your challenge out there is knowing that if you fail or give up you need to face up to it and although I don't really care if anyone thinks i've failed, I would still feel guilty, even though the only person I would let down is myself.

I wasn't going to give up.

Palm Sunday, which fell on Easter Sunday in the Western calendar, it is a day off from fasting. Last year I didn't know that. This year I took advantage of it. Did I need to have this break? Definitely! Did I enjoy the break? Absolutely!

The last week was the hardest. I was so close to the end, but nothing on my Pinterst fasting board appealed.
I was pretty bleak and on the Wednesday evening (with only 4 days sleeps left) when I was at my lowest I had beans on toast for dinner. I added some Moroccan spice to the pan of beans and heated them slowly and I toasted some nice M&S seeded loaf and I enjoyed each and every mouthful. There was nothing fancy about the meal. Just plain and simple.

It's funny what you think you know and plan at the start of a journey and what lessons you learn along the way. I didn't need terribly complex and interesting food during my fast. I just needed something simple and to remember why it was that I had started this fast in the first place.

It was about going without, getting back to basics and enjoying the simple things in life. I had forgotten that as I tried to keep myself interested. One of my favourite meals is roast vegetables with cous cous. I think I had it once over the whole 7 weeks. How stupid was that?

On the Sunday that I broke my fast I did vow, as I did in 2014 that I won't do it again. I will do Holy Week but not the full 7 weeks. A week and a half on and i'm thinking it wasn't that bad! I can manage to do it again. But lets leave this discussion until the weekend of 12/13 March 2016. Clean Monday is the 14th!

I wanted to share a recipe on this post as it was one of my late finds that is a real gem but be warned it is a butter overload so shouldn't be a weekly meal!

Garlic Mushroom Pasta! OMG it is YUMMY!!

Garlic mushroom pasta

(photo courtesy of the recipe site as I didn't photograph my version - probably because it was wolfed down so quickly!)

Happy days

Ciao xx 

A little late for this Easter

Week 5 of Great Schemers was a very pretty pastel theme that I thought would be great for an Easter decoration. It's a little late for this Easter but you could get the polystyrene eggs from your local craft store at a discount price so perfect to make ready for next year.

Crochet eggs close up

This was another fiddly project as I wanted the covers to be quite tight and the stitches close together so I used a 2.5mm and 3mm hook.

There are patterns out there in internet land but I found it easier to measure each row around the egg and decide how many stitches to increase and decrease with each row.
If anyone wants more guidance please ask in the comments and i'll do a step by step.

Crochet eggs

I just love this little nest of crochet eggs, and i'm tempted to make more to fill the jar up to the top!

Ciao xx

Easter parcels

For the past few years I have made little Easter parcels for the kids.

Last year they had a cone of eggs and a little lindt bunny each....

Cloche easter

This year I decided to put all the eggs into one basket. I'm here all week ;)

Well it's really a cellophane bag....

Easter 2015 1

I bought the cellophane bags from eBay seller jjcm0312 and the delivery was super quick! The tissue was left over from last year, also an eBay purchase, and ribbon from my stash.

Easter 2015 2

We buy large packs of eggs and my dear husband splits them up into little piles although I did notice that he had squirrelled away a few for himself in the process!

Easter 2015 3

I love that doing the Easter parcels has become something of a little tradition and something we do together each year.

Ciao xx