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Tuesday 7th May - Day two of Week in the Life with Ali Edwards

I found it really hard getting up this morning, hitting the snooze button way too many times. Of course this meant I was late for work and out of routine the whole day.

Breakfast was yoghurt with a pear and an apple late morning.

The morning flew by in a bit of a blur, and then it was lunch time. For lunch I had a jacket potato with tuna and cottage cheese. It was just okay! After eating we did a lap around the campus to soak in a little bit of sunshine.

I managed to squeeze in a little time to get my Monday blog post done and then answered emails.

My journey home was uneventful and pretty mundane. Wondering how I can change up my route and routine to make the most out of the hour I spend in the car each day. Need to work on that!

When I got home I saw Cherry so had a chat to her about the plans for the community garden. I missed the first clear up day so hoping to find time this weekend to do a bit. So loving our community and how we work together.

I then made a mug of coffee and sat on the bench outside to call mom. I had missed a call from her on Sunday as we were visiting friends and she had missed my calls earlier in the day as she had been in Stirling. It was so lovely to sit on the bench outside the back door and enjoy the end of the days sunshine before heading into the warmth of the house.

I put on a quick load of washing to catch up from our weekend away.

Dinner prep was easy tonight as we had plenty chicken left over from last night. It was a joint effort with me making the cous cous (and prepping lunch) and Stuart chopping up the chicken.

After dinner I worked on Lucy's baby blanket and we watched Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix. It's such a silly, hilarious series!

And then it was shower, hang washing and bed time. Earlier tonight than usual.

This week I am working on getting back into good habits, like moving more and drinking more water.

Bring on Wednesday.