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Thursday 9th May - Day four of Week in the Life with Ali Edwards

Today was a day of highs and lows, the sweet relief from the good news I received yesterday vs the reality of how things are for people who didn't receive good news. I had a lot of conversations with people are not happy and ensuring I listened with a good and attentive ear.

We had our weekly team breakfast which as always was a fun event and I'm so glad I have this crazy bunch to chat with. I had toast, beans, fried egg, a sausage, bacon, mushroom and a couple of hash browns.

Mid morning I had a call with my new manager. I have a contract to sign and I needed to talk through some things to make sure this was going to be a good fit. I think it is and I am excited for the future.

Today is knitting club. I really do love Thursdays at work. We had a few more frank and slightly tough discussions with people who have been badly effected by work decisions. A real low in the day but cathartic to have these opportunities to talk.

Lunch was at my desk and consisted of a yoghurt, banana and pear.

The rest of the day was made up of spreadsheets and emails, and a conference call that was a bit of a waste of time! Some days this happens.

I headed off for home at my usual time and realised I should probably put some fuel in the car but really didn't feel like it. Should I play a bit of fuel chicken (!!)

When I got home I made myself a nice lug of coffee and called my mom to fill her in on the events of the day before.

Then I washed a dried my hair. It's got so long and really a pain to get dried in a style, who's got time for that! I just dried it straight and put it up in a plait.

After chilling on my chair for a bit I collected the girls and went for our weekly slimming world weigh in. I was delighted with my 1.5lb loss despite being slightly off plan over the weekend. I'm so determined to get this final 2 stone off and being in the best possible health for my future. Yesterday was a really wake up call that I have been very lucky to have escaped serious ill health with my weight.

Stuart had dinner ready when I got home at 9. Jacket potato with beans, ham and chorizo, sprinkled with cheese. Followed by jelly, yogurt, berries and meringue with a hi fi bar.

And then to bed.

What will Friday hold for me I wonder?