Week in the Life 2019 - Saturday
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Week in the Life 2019 - Sunday

WITL Sunday 1
WITL Sunday 1
WITL Sunday 1

Sunday 12th May - Day seven of Week in the Life with Ali Edwards

Despite going to bed so late last night, we were up and ready to face the day super early. Stuart made us boerewors and black beans with a poached egg for breakfast, which I started to prep for a day of gardening.

By 10am we were very busy outside. Stuart built a table for the community garden water butts and got the new tabs installed and sealed. He also cut all the grass our garden grass. I worked on the community garden clearing lots of bramble and a few branches from the apple trees. We both then used the strimmer on the flat plot to clear the long grass ready for mowing. At the end of the day we lit a bonfire to burn some of the cuttings from the first garden clearing date a few weeks ago. It was a braw fire and so mesmerising to watch.

Stuart lit the braai so we could have chicken, boerewors and raw veg and pickles for dinner outside in the warm sunshine. We showered, washed hair and watched a bit of TV before I prepped lunches and we crashed into bed at 9pm.

I'm so grateful for the day working outside in the sunshine and fresh air. I went to bed with a full heart and clear mind. Yay for Sundays and the final day of week in the life. Although we will have many more days outside as the summer comes, I am thankful for this project and the opportunity to document the detail of our life.

This week I will order some large prints and type up all my journaling ready to put my album together.