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WITL Saturday 1
WITL Saturday 1
WITL Saturday 1

Saturday 11th May - Day six of Week in the Life with Ali Edwards

Aaah Saturday, hello my friend.

We started our day early, heading out to meet friends for breakfast. It was good to catch up and talk about our Vegas trip (yet again!). I had scrambled egg, bacon, sausage, grilled tomato, toast, beans, mushrooms and hash browns, followed by a small (naughty) pastry and coffee.

After breakfast Stuart took me to Debenhams to look for a dress and another bra. Since my fitting I have only bought 3 and that isn't enough when trying to keep up with the washing, but should be enough to see me through the last 2 stone of weight loss. I forgot my purse at home so Stu paid for my underwear, and we didn't find a dress that we liked.

Then we went to Brookfields Farm butcher to collect the first batch of boerewors for the village fete and freezer meat for the next few weeks.

We dropped the meat and home and I picked up my purse before we went up to the big M&S in Biggleswade. I needed a new black cami to wear under sheer tops as my size 28 (!! YIKES) is just way too big and bulky under tops. I bought a 16 ( :) ) Stuart bought a new pair of jeans, down two sizes (!!). Celebrating these wins.

We decided to do the grocery shop while we were out.

When we got home we packed away the groceries and prepped our freezer meat and cut the boerewors to size before packing it back up to go in the freezer. We picked up 10kgs and have decided to order another 20kgs for the fete. We don't want to sell out in 1 hour again!

I made myself a large bowl of popcorn and retreated up to my craft room while Stuart watched rugby. I caught up with my OLW album by copying my April journaling from my planner onto the prepared pages. I also looked through my camera gallery to see what I have that will fit into the May prompt. I have two relevant photos so need to just take another 2. I also planned out my Vegas instax album which I will finish off in the next few weeks. I'm so happy to be keeping up with all my crafting projects, and feel like I am doing ones that most fit with my life right now.

I came downstairs at 6 to do a bit of bathroom cleaning and settle down to watch TV and get on with my latest crochet project.

Stuart made us pork chops and veg with gravy for dinner, and then we watched two movies, The Children Act and Sully (which was brilliant!).

We went to bed just before midnight.

So looking forward to the final day of documenting. Lets go Sunday!