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WITL Monday 1
WITL Monday 1
WITL Monday 1
WITL Monday 1

Monday 6th May - Day one of Week in the Life with Ali Edwards.

A late start for day 1 as it's a bank holiday here in the UK. It was lovely to spend the day pottering about the house only venturing out briefly to do a small grocery shop. Over breakfast, bacon and cheese toastie, I spent some time with my 2018 and 2019 Get to work books, doing some menu planning and list writing for the BBQ and 'after fete BBQ' that Stuart and I will be running/hosting at our village fete on the 9th of June. I also painted the menu board and road signs with chalk board paint so we can get them written up and displayed.

Stuart was very busy in his garage for most of the day, tidying and tinkering.

Before preparing lunch I planted out my chilli seedlings and re potted two tomato plants that I will be keeping. The rest will go to the village plant sale on the 18th of May.

Lunch was a cold buffet plate and cup of coffee.

There was a royal announcement in the afternoon, that Prince Harry and Meghan have given birth to a baby boy. Lots of excitement on the news!

It got very cold in the late afternoon so I settled in my chair to paint my nails, toes and fingers, and watch TV.

Dinner was a yummy roast chicken, with roast potatoes, roast onion, broccoli and cauliflower, lovingly covered in gravy!

Tonight the house was so cosy and the light from the bathroom and my lounge lamp so warm, I couldn't resist capturing them both.

Giving thanks today for slow days at home. Looking back through my photos at the lived in house, with 'stuff' on all the kitchen counters, the un-vacuumed carpet, the bed linen that needs to be changed. The dirty mirror in the bathroom, the windows that need to be cleaned, clutter next to my chair. But it's our home, our space and I'm so thankful that we have a place that is safe and secure and full of love and kindness.

Bring on Tuesday!