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WITL Friday 1
WITL Friday 1
WITL Friday 1

Friday 10th May - Day five of Week in the Life with Ali Edwards

Another early/on time start for me today. I do love these bright light mornings, that pursued me to get out of bed. I filled up with fuel this morning on my way into work.

I started my day with 2 toast and marmite and a mug of coffee. And spent the morning dealing with the intercompany invoices.

I ate lunch, a banana and yoghurt, at my desk while watching AE week in the life videos to get me in the right frame of mind for the documenting piece of this project which starts next week.

I left a little early today and took an alternative route home, just to mix things up. I felt a need to be off the beaten track.

When I got home I took a few photos around the garden and spent an hour doing a bit of crafting at my desk. I wanted to get all my Vegas photos printed and in the album ready for the journaling and embellishments.

Stuart and I spent the evening chatting in between him making us a chicken curry for dinner. We ate late but where still in bed by 10. We're so rock & roll on a Friday night!

Today I wanted to observe the light in my usual spaces. It is so easy to forget to see what is around you all the time.

Yay for the week finishing and bring on Saturday