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January 2019

Hello 2019

It seems to me that I can only manage blogging for the first half of the year, so why break the habit, ha. Hello to anyone who happens upon my blog and hello to 2019.

The second part of 2018 saw big change for me personally. My slimming world journey is my priority and I am still using my fitness planner from Simple Stories to keep me on track.

SW Jan update 1

The monthly overview page is a place to record my actual movement. The winter months have seen a decline in running activity but I am trying hard to get out at lunch time to get at least 20 minutes movement in.

SW Jan update 1

September ended with me taking part in my first 5km timed run through our local town. It was overwhelming (!!) and exciting (!!) and nerve wracking (!!) but it was an amazing experience and one I will never forget!

SW Jan update 1

I love rounding up each month with a quick overview of what went well, what to do moving forward (this could be a positive spin on something that didn't go quite to plan), and WINS. I love celebrating the WINS.
I didn't get around to taking measurements at the end of December but I'm not stressing about that.

And YAY me! I received my 4 and a half stone award at the end of December.

SW Jan update 1

 This really has been an amazing journey for me and I so happy with my progress. One of the reasons I still keep a daily food diary is to check for any patterns. Times when I'm eating a bit more (you know those weeks ladies!!), or changes to eating because of changes to the weather. I am having lots more gravy on my meals now winter is here and I need to check how that impacts my weight loss.

For me this is not about one meal, or one day, or even one week. It is a bigger picture. Each lunch in any given week could be totally on plan but each could involve potato. I can eat potato on slimming world, BUT I know my body and my body does not cope well with too much potato. SO these are things that will reflect in the amount of weight I have lost that week and I can go back and look at the week as a whole.
I can also have a smaller loss when it's *star* week, that is another 'pattern' I can see by looking back over the weeks.

When I get to target I don't want to have to keep a food diary, in fact I think it might stop before that but I want to know that fluctuations in my weight are totally normal and expected, and nothing to lose control over!

Weight has been quite a hot topic on the TV here in the UK this past week and it's a really problem for this and the next generation. I don't want it to be my problem again, and I need to know I can maintain a target weight.

I will be back to report further progress and any changes to my process.

C xx