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Fitness planner update - One month in

I've been using my fitness planner for one month now and I wanted to do a quick update with how I'm getting on. Both in using the planner and the diet!

Fitness planner update 1

The month at a glance pages are being used to record my activity, both runs and any active/purposeful walking, as well as weight loss on Thursday weigh days. I'm using a colour key that makes it really simple for me to see each activity. Although this is a 'planner' I decided I wanted to record actual exercise when it happened. The key here was to see if I was coping with every second day running and if anything, like it being a Monday (!!), was getting in my way. My husband bought himself a bicycle so he can come out with me which is awesome! On alternate days we are getting out for a short walk. Sometimes as little as 10 minutes around the block, but it's active walking.
Nutrition and fitness goals columns ARE planned and they are where I would like to be at the end of that month.

 Fitness planner update 5

I didn't share this 'overview' page when I did the fitness planner set up post, but it's proving to be quite important so I want to talk about it in a bit more detail. 
I love a space that gives me the opportunity to recap the month. At the end of June I took measurements and found a very recent photo to stick in the box. I'm not quite ready to share those numbers here so please excuse the black out!
I also love that I can record the little achievements. Little changes result in big change.
It's a looking back and looking forward page. No matter the results of the month, you are thankful for what has happened and now you move on. 

Fitness planner update 6

I decided to do a progress photo and measurements on the last weigh day of the month (which happened to be last night), so I now have a few days to fill in this page before moving into August.
Again I'm not ready to share the numbers but you can see that I have lost 26.5cms!! I'm SO SO happy!
Oh and the plan is to wear the same outfit and stand in the same place for each progress photo.

At the end of each month I will find a quote to add to the following months overview page and use as a little mantra for the month ahead.

Fitness planner update 7

The week at a glance pages have been invaluable! Honestly. I need to see the food I've eaten written up in front of me. I need to know what syns I've had and to make sure I'm taking enough good stuff in. Each week I record what weight I would like to lose, and what exercise I would like to accomplish. Breaking down the goals into manageable chunks is working well for me. I'm recording my weekly weight loss and weekly total steps here too.
I'm not sure if I'll keep recording every week but for now it's working so I'm going with it. 

And, eeeekkkkk, look what I got last night!! Total loss 1st 8.5lbs! I'm filing my awards in the week I receive it so I can go back see how far I've come. This will be motivational as well as confidence boosting!

Fitness planner update 7

Anyone who has battled with weight knows how soul destroying it can be. The weight takes years to pile on and it's going to take time to come off. I have been stuck in a cycle of self destruction for so long, I can't even remember what it's like to be truly happy in myself. Actually I'm not sure if I ever was. This journey is just that, a journey. A long road that only I can take and I take it by putting one foot in front of the other and moving forward. We all find our own path and we do whatever it takes to make sure we stay on the path. This ^ is what is working for me. It's my tool bag, my kit.

I'm using the account @cjm_fitjourney on instagram if you fancy following and if you've come across this post and documenting a similar journey please leave me a comment with a link to your blog or instagram.

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