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Fitness planner set up

Last week I took some time to buy and set up a fitness and diet planner.

Fitness planner set up 1

I have a spare Simple Stories Carpe Diem planner as I transferred the pages into A5 albums, so I looked at the Simple Stories Fitness Inserts. There are a few you tube videos that show the pages in detail which gives you a good idea of what is included.

Fitness planner set up 1

I have a few sticker sheets that are tucked into the cover folder and A5 clear pocket which lives at the front of my planner. The fitness inserts pack comes with 1 dashboard page, a few sticker sheets, 1 fitness tracker sheet, 6 dashboard dividers, 12 month at a glance spreads (on the back of the 2nd page is a monthly inspiration tracker page), some week at a glance pages, a pocket page and some die cut dashboards.

Fitness planner set up 1

I am using the month at a glance page to get an overall picture of how the month went. I'll be recording all my runs and walks and weight loss/gains on a Thursday. On the right hand side is a place to note down any NUTRITION and FITNESS goals. I won't be planning my runs on this spread as I want to record actual activity, this way I can identify gaps or trends.

Fitness planner set up 1

The weekly spread is quite comprehensive with a square for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, exercise and water consumption. Along the left hand side is a place to record GOALS and NOTES. I am a very visual person so I need to see the food I eat laid out in front of me. I will forget how much I've had and run the risk of going over my syns allocation. All food is written in black ink, healthy extras are underlined in blue and syns in red with the syn value. Syns are totalled each day and then I will also total them weekly.

Fitness planner set up 1

I added a pack of the recipe pages in divider 3. The idea here is to turn some of my everyday favourites into syn free meals.

In the 4th divider I have a carpe diem note pad to record anything that is noteworthy in my journey. Again I'm looking for trends that can help identify days/weeks where I battle to keep motivated or indeed times where I am so on it! These will help me reach my goal.

Weight has been an issue for me for at least 35 of my 43 years on this planet and I am so ready to take control. Perhaps one day I will tell more of this story.

I'm recording my fitness journey on instagram @cjm_fitjourney if you fancy following along.

C xx