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Week in the life 2018 - Thoughts from a newbie

WITL prep

Before I tackle the task of printing photos and putting my Week in the Life album together I wanted to gather my thoughts on how I found doing this project from a total newbie point of view.

First off, I absolutely didn't think I had nearly enough content in my days to make this project work. I don't have kids, I work full time, with 8 hours a day sat pretty much in the same spot and I don't have a super fun social life. HOWEVER that really DOES NOT MATTER! I DO have so many stories to tell.

The stories are about me, and how I fill my days right now. They are also about how I feel in the space and time I live in.

In the weeks leading up to the 'documentation week' I had a page in my Get to Work Book (link on the left), that I used to jot down things I do, places I go and tasks that fill my time. I knew that I wouldn't do or photograph every single one but I wanted to be aware of these activities so I could look out for them if they did crop up. Ali did lots of FAQ's and general information posts leading up to the week so I made notes of anything that I felt I could include in my project.

I was pretty nervous on day 1. I didn't want to mess up and forget to take the photos and write notes and then waste the kit I bought. Sharing the photos and words each day here on the blog was definitely the way to go. If I had tried to do the album at the same time I would have missed so much actual life. Of course all this advise is on Ali's blog and I'm SO SO SO glad I listened!

I think I kept it pretty simple and I know that there is so much more I can focus on in the years to come, like a theme for the day (thankful), using the 'ing' words (love this idea!) and using 'around here'.

Right now I am taking a big breath and remembering my days from last week and how similar or different they are to the days of this week.

I will share progress and the finished album and possibly some more thoughts about that process. If you happen upon this post and you are keen to do the project but don't think your life is interesting enough, you really don't need to worry about that. We all have a story to tell!

C xx