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Week in the life 2018 - Saturday

Sharing words and photos from Saturday


Saturday 1

Rain is coming!

Saturday 1

Up and out of bed to do some work in the garden before the rain comes. Stuart installed power sockets with USB connections in our bed side tables for phone and fitbit/garmin chargers and bedside lamp and electric blanket plugs. Current read, The Book of Dust, by Philip Pullman.

Saturday 1

But first coffee, on our bench watching the world go by but slightly hidden so I can be in my pajamas, ha!

Saturday 4

And a morning cuddle from my boy.

Saturday 5

Reality is a bed full of clean dry washing waiting to be packed away.

Saturday 6

My chickens know that when I fill up their food container I also layer it with treats!

Saturday 7

While Stuart mows (a little short maybe), I tackle the never ending ivy problems we have in our garden.

Saturday 8

This Elderflower tree is so full of ivy that we have no idea what sort of state it's in. Hoping for the best!

Saturday 9

And then the rain came, so we cleared up, showered, had lunch and then had afternoon cuddles with my boy.

Saturday 91

We did our monthly grocery shop today. In the past 6 months we have totally changed the way we shop. We now go to Morrisons, always with a list and shop the specials for all cleaning products and non perishables. Sometimes that means we end up with multiples of some stuff and sometimes it means we change up what we cook, but we have way less waste and we keep to a budget. Also we went in the afternoon, where we always used to shop in the morning, and it was much quieter and much nicer.

Saturday 91

I love this road back from Letchworth but it scares me. People drive way to fast and there are potholes. But Stuarts truck just glides over them! And it's still raining.

Saturday 91

I did three loads of washing today. Everything but our gardening gear. Hanging it all inside.
Saturday 91

Dishwasher unpack and dinner prep. We have a tiny kitchen but we manage to dance around each other, ha!
Saturday 91

Pita with chicken mayo, olives, feta and jalapeno's, topped with lettuce.

Saturday 91

Ending the day with evening cuddles from my boy.


I have loved today.

C xx